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Workplace legislation is complex and can be hard to keep up with. The cost of non-compliance can be extremely steep, and it jeopardises employee wellbeing. We recognise the common challenges organisations are having to deal with when it comes to HR matters such as recruiting, induction, performance management and redundancies. Having been in the consulting space for the last decade, we have helped many small-to-medium businesses stay compliant. 

At Key Business Advisors, we offer a variety of HR solutions for companies looking to get some extra help with their Human Resources Management. From working as an outsourced HR expert to working on-site with your team – our offerings can be customised according to your business needs.  

Performance Management

Performance management is difficult and often a big stressor for employers. Our team of experts can help you alleviate the pressure of managing your employees’ performance and ensure that an effective process is in place to maximise their potential. Our experienced HR Advisors can assist you through every step of the way and advise on all areas of performance management.

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HR Policies & Procedures

We understand it can be very daunting to keep up with the changing legislations.  Our HR experts can help you draft a well-documented handbook outlining the expectations of your workplace behaviour and clearly communicate the implication of not complying with it.

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HR Compliance & Documentation

Ensuring HR Compliance will not just save you money, it will also help you recruit and retain key talents who could potentially help your organisation go to the next level. At Key Business Advisors we can help you tailor your documents and keep your compliance in check and help you manage your staff efficiently. 

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Employer & Staff Satisfaction Surveys

STAR workplace is an evidence-based report that measures staff engagement and satisfaction within an organisation. The outcome of the program will help you get a holistic view of the problem areas in your business. 

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DiSC®: Profiling

Employees are the biggest cost to a business, so it is critical to get the best out of every employee. DiSC Profiling provides business owners with a cost-effective way to do just that. DiSC profiles describe behavioural styles and how to relate better with others in the workplace.

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Recruitment & Induction

Finding the right fit for your business model is imperative for your growth. With a strategic human resources management – sourcing and retaining a talent becomes a lot easier. From writing a job ad to crafting the PD’s – we can customise all the documents to suit your recruitment needs.

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Outsourced HR Services

Don’t have a qualified in-house HR? Not to worry! KBA offers a wide range of HR Consulting Solutions to help alleviate the stress of managing staff. We have an array of cost-efficient and flexible  solutions for small-to-medium businesses.

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Employee Induction

Our HR Advisors can also help you develop effective Employee Induction Manuals to help new employees have all the information they need for a positive and motivating start.

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Redundancy Services  

At Key Business Advisors, we understand that having the hard conversations with staff can be an emotional and complex process. We want to take the ease out of these difficult conversations by informing our clients on the right steps to carry out a lawful and genuine redundancy process.

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Workcover claims

We can help you meet your legal obligations to support your injured employee to return to safe and sustainable work with professional advice and guidance. We can help you with physical and psychological injuries. 


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