HR Consulting and Advice

Workplace legislation is complex and can be hard to keep up with. The cost of non-compliance can be extremely steep, and it jeopardises employee wellbeing. We recognise the common challenges organisations are having to deal with when it comes to HR matters such as recruiting, induction, performance management and redundancies. Having been in the consulting space for the last decade, we have helped many small-to-medium businesses stay compliant. 

At Key Business Advisors, we offer a variety of HR solutions for companies looking to get some extra help with their Human Resources Management. From working as an outsourced HR expert to working on-site with your team – our offerings can be customised according to your business needs.  

Performance Management

One of the biggest struggles in a business is Performance Management. Let us help you increase profits and alleviate stress through a structured Performance Management Process.

If you want your team to perform to its optimum, then you need to have a strong Performance Management strategy in place.

Key Business Advisors can also handle and advise on all areas of performance management. Motivation issues, reliability and quality control are all small examples of staff issues that effective performance management processes can solve. As a result, from training your managers to conduct effective and informative performance reviews, we will be there to guide and assist you every step of the way.

We will also show you how to encourage your superstar performers and guide those rising stars, on the path to great things. If during the process we identify staff members needing guidance, we have strategies to help them and your business, move in the right direction.

Most importantly, it’s all about getting your business into shape, and that’s exactly what the KBA Performance Management Process will do.

HR Consulting

We can also provide training for your leaders and supervisors, guiding them to facilitate performance reviews effectively.

  • Understand performance management processes and procedures
  • Managing difficult conversations
  • Understanding personality types
  • KPI and expectation setting

We can work with you to develop performance strategies and processes unique to your business model. Key Business Advisors understand how to develop performance feedback and systems to ensure your team’s optimum performance.

  • Understanding and navigating team dynamic
  • Strategies unique to your business and business roles
  • Developing workflows, timelines and processes to ensure maximum output and efficiencies

We understand in some situations conducting effective performance reviews can be difficult. Our trained HR professionals can alleviate the stress by coaching and assisting you when conducting performance review with your staff. This takes away the pressure of any personal connections with staff and ensures a successful outcome for both parties.

  • Addressing performance issues
  • Ensuring performance expectations are understood
  • Directing conversations to avoid unfair Fair Work Ombudsman claims

We can advise and support you in how to take the correct approach when managing staff performance.

  • Phone advice and support in difficult situations
  • Guidance on handling performance management issues
  • Step by step actions to reduce risk to your business with employee difficulties

We can assist you with tailoring performance management templates specific to your business and employees.

  • Structure and approach for review templates
  • Correct documentation procedures
  • Guidance on relevant KPI’s and expectations
  • Tailor Performance Review templates to each role

Policies & Procedures

Company policies can protect your business from legal or disruptive issues in your business, as well as unwanted behaviour.

The lack of policies and procedures within a business is often the cause of unfair work claims. You can easily avoid these claims if you take the time to set the correct policies and procedures in place, along with documentation and training to familiarise staff with all necessary policies and procedures.

When you correctly design and implement procedure documentation, it supports a safe and healthy workplace by showing staff exactly what you expect of them.

Do you know what the required non-negotiable workplace policies are that you should have within your business?

By calling on the services of KBA, you can rest assured that you will be fully HR compliant with the right policies and procedures in place to protect your business from unwanted claims or workplace risks.

Policies & Procedures

We can help you understand and follow legislative policies to ensure your company is following correct HR laws and legislation to avoid unfair workplace claims.

  • Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)
  • Discrimination & Harassment
  • Workplace Bullying and more

Every business is different. KBA have the experts to tailor staff policies specifically for your business, your people and your operations and procedures. As a result, our process will relay easy to understand messages ensuring a harmonious, safe and compliant workplace.

  • Develop tailored workplace policies and procedures
  • Social media, internet fair use, leave policies and more

KBA can tailor a working from home policy to suit your needs.   it’s important for employers to ensure that they have a ‘working from home policy’ in place to clearly outline employers and employees’ rights and obligations. 

  • Tailored work from home policy
  • Covers Workplace Health and Safety, Working hours, Performance management etc

The biggest thing about achieving compliance is to make sure everyone understands what is expected of them. KBA can help you communicate with your team on policies to ensure everyone knows, reads and understands legislative and custom policies in place within a business.

  • Workplace Bullying Workshop
  • Staff meetings and alerts
  • Induction programs and documents

We can help you ensure you have the basics covered with mandatory business policies that you must have to protect your business and employees. Our ready to go policy packs will get you started straight away!

  • Mandatory Policies - the must have’s in your business. Includes 14 policies - $1,450 ex GST
  • Best Practice Policies - includes 19 policies for good operating practice to improve your business - $1850 ex GST
  • Bundled Option - Ensure you are covered by having all policies in place - $3000 ex GST
  • Additional or Individual Policies - $240 each ex GST

HR Compliance & Documentation

It is imperative you are HR compliant to ensure your business remains protected and legally compliant should any issues occur within your workplace, potentially saving you thousands in the future.

No matter what the size of your business is – if you employ staff you must make sure that your business is legally compliant. Having the right documentation will minimise the risk of any potential legal liability. Failure to do so can result in considerable fines, which could not only cost you money, but a high amount of stress, time and resources.  Read More

HR Consulting

We can help you make sure all your employees are on the correct award and that your business is following correct award standards.

  • Identify and assist with ensuring staff are on correct awards and are compliant
  • Ensure employment contracts, offers and processes are award compliant

Identify correct awards and salary ranges for your employees based on their expertise and training.

  • Ensure you are following correct salary guidelines and are informed
  • Identifying employee types, wages, options and awards that fit into your business structure

Ensure your employees have compliant contracts that protect both the employee and the employer.

  • Employment contracts and offers
  • Industry compliant documents

We can also assist with all types of HR record keeping requirements.

  • Induction / onboarding documents
  • Exit documents and records
  • Interview records and documents
  • Individual flexibility agreements
  • Performance review, management and KPI record keeping

Employer & Staff Satisfaction Surveys

STAR Workplace is a survey tool designed to help you create positive change, using key business insights obtained through conducting employer and staff satisfaction surveys.

A business is made up of people – your staff, your managers, chief executives and the business owner. Unless those people are happy and enthusiastic about their work, then your business will be under-performing. There is an excellent solution to boosting your business without investing in more stock, resources or advertising. Simply get your staff motivated and performing to their max!

STAR Workplace can do this for you. This is a unique tool that measures both employer and staff satisfaction, as well as how your staff’s everyday activities link back to your business strategy. It is a confidential online survey designed to give everyone a voice and allow the business owner to gain insights to drive productive change within the business.

The program allows you to benchmark your business against other small and medium enterprises, providing you a snapshot of where your business is today and identifying areas of action. Read More

Policies & Procedures

Get real insights to your business through the eyes of all staff involved. The confidential nature of the survey means you get greater insight than you would in other situations with your staff.

  • Shows what the staff are thinking of the business
  • Promotes understanding of what drives staff to achieve your company goals
  • Guides you how to retain key staff

Having gained insight into your business we can now identify key improvement and leverage opportunities. You will have the confidence to invest in change, knowing the strategy addresses the areas in your business where you need it most.

  • Identifies strengths, weaknesses and gaps in the business
  • Identifies areas of risk and sustainability
  • Assists with future development planning and strategies

Understand how staff feel about the business and their role so that any expectation misalignment can be identified and rectified with the help of data and Key Business Advisors.

  • Measures employees’ and employers’ satisfaction of the business
  • Opens up lines of communication with staff
  • Helps you achieve your company targets

Understand what is needed to drive change in your business. You will be working towards carefully defined targets and goals covering performance, growth and financial outcomes.

  • Create positive change in your business through restructuring or focusing on new horizons
  • Identify areas of action and assist in prioritising what the important elements needed to grow your business

STAR workplace measures results over time, showing you the effects of new strategies as they are implemented and the real results they are bringing to your business.

  • Measuring tool – you can’t manage what you can’t measure
  • Benchmarks your business against others researched in Australia
  • Provides a comprehensive report, including recommendations on resolving underlying issues

DiSC®: Profiling

Our DiSC profiling will help your teams work better together. It identifies key personality traits behavioural differences and how to manage them effectively.

Improving your team essentially means improving your team members’ output. Imagine if there were a user-friendly tool that could assess each of your team members and then set them on the path to achieving more within the workplace than they actually knew they were capable of.

DiSC will do all of this and more, starting with a profile on each of your team members. DiSC® sets strategies, analyses behaviours and helps to improve communication and relationships within the workplace. More than just a tool, DiSC® is an analyst, a therapist, a mediator and a guidance counsellor all wrapped up in one easy to use program.

HR Consulting

We run a variety of DiSC workshops to help you and your team get the most out of DiSC. When employees understand their own behaviour and that of others, they learn how to communicate more effectively and can relate better to the different motivational needs of the people around them. This helps to create a more effective, efficient and collaborative work environment. Managers, in particular, are more successful when they understand their management style and the environment they create for their team.

If you are already familiar with DiSC® and just want DiSC Profiling done for your team, we have a number of DiSC profiling options ready for you to use straight away.

Recruitment Advice

Key Business Advisors will help you with the skills and support you need to recruit the best people for your business.

There’s more to choosing the right people for your business than reading a résumé and conducting a simple interview. Finding the people that not only fit your business model, but will strive to improve it, is essential for business growth. You want employees who will join the rest of your team and make a great addition, rather than simply another bum on another seat.

It makes sense to let the experts take care of your recruitment needs. Key Business Advisors have the skill, the tools and the expertise to help find the employees who will make a positive addition to your business.

Hiring takes a lot of time, effort and money. What if you get it wrong? It makes sense to talk to KBA about tailoring a recruitment strategy specifically for your business. We work with you to attract and hire highly motivated, driven staff. You want professionals who will set goals then do everything they can to surpass them. Professionals who will deliver outstanding results and make a real contribution towards the growth of your business.

These people are out there, and Key Business Advisors knows how to attract them, why would you do it any other way?

HR Consulting

It’s all about showing your employees how to find the best people possible. We can train your managers with the skills, tools, and insights to make the right decisions:

  • Provide one on one training with recruitment personnel to ensure they are recruiting the best staff for your business
  • Tips and tricks to save you time and resources
  • Know what to look for to get your next STAR employee

Budget is often a priority in any business and at Key Business Advisors we are here to make sure your needs are met within your budget. Ask about our range of value adding options that will help you find your next ‘star’ without breaking the bank.

  • No recruitment fee / percentage of the salary package
  • Experienced HR consultants managing the process to get YOU the best results
  • Do as much or as little yourself as you like to fit within your budget

Legalities and practices must always be adhered to when hiring new staff members. This can all be a bit of a headache when you have your busy enterprise to run. Key Business Advisors will also ensure appropriate and correct documents are prepared and managed throughout the recruitment and induction process, freeing you up to concentrate on what you are good at:

  • Position Descriptions
  • Job Advertisements
  • Induction Documents
  • Writing the job advertisement for jobs sites such as SEEK

Why not let us take over the entire process while you keep your business humming along. Key Business Advisors can ensure your next hire is easy and pain free.

  • Managing all applications received
  • Telephone screening of the top 8-10 applicants
  • Interviewing (via Skype for regional areas) the top applicants, with or on behalf of you
  • Making the job offer, then writing letter of offer to the successful applicant
  • Informing unsuccessful candidates of the result of their application

How good is your judgement? There really is a correct methodology in choosing the right candidate. Key Business Advisors can guide you through the correct process to make sure you select the right person for your organisation.

  • Reporting on top candidates, including summary of assessment against the selection criteria
  • Recommending the top candidate and arranging the second interview with you
  • Conducting relevant background and reference checks on successful applicants
  • Comprehensive personality profile report

Outsourced HR

Best Practice, compliance, protecting your business – outsource your HR needs to the experts for reliability and peace of mind.

As the business owner or manager of a team, you must make sure you have the correct HR documentation, policies and processes in place to protect your business, and ensure that you set your team up for success. KBA offers HR Consulting packages that take away the headache and stress of managing staff, particularly when you don’t have a qualified HR Resource in-house.

Whether you have 2 staff or 100, we can give you the tools and support you need to motivate your staff, so you get the best return on investment.

HR Consulting

We start with a HR health check to understand where your business is at, critical areas of concern and where room for improvement lies.

  • Understand where your business is at
  • Identify HR risk areas that could cost your business thousands
  • Understand how to be compliant and work towards best practice

We will be there for you to support you with managing your staff through our monthly consulting packages. Depending on the size of your business you can choose a package to suit the level of support you need.

  • Invest the right amount to ensure your business is risk free
  • Ensure you are also, consistently managing your HR correctly
  • Accountability - we help you ensure your business runs smoothly
  • Ensure consistency in your HR operations

We will design a tailored package to include the services you need. Further, we spread the spread over a 12-month period, making it easy to manage. You will benefit from a qualified HR Advisor working in your business specifically to your needs and requirements.

  • Achieve HR good practice in your business thereby improving staff performance
  • Ensure 100% compliance to avoid fair work claims and legal issues
  • Optimise HR processes to increase efficiency in your business
  • Achieve your goals business goals through a structured plan and approach

Employee Induction

An effective and thorough induction program will help ensure your new employee’s job satisfaction and success in helping your business grow.

Our HR Advisors can also help you develop best practice onboarding strategies and supporting Employee Induction Manuals to help new employees have all the information they need for a positive and motivating start in your business. We will advise and develop structured training programs for your new recruits to ensure a successful integration into your business and help them become an effective asset to your team as quickly as possible.

A structured and professional induction to your business will also increase staff retention and help you get a great return on your new personnel as quickly as possible.

Employee Induction

A well thought out and structured induction program can ensure your staff are onboarded as quickly and effectively as possible while providing valuable support to your business right from the get go.

  • Online, offline, or on the job training resources
  • Shadow key employees and create buddy systems
  • Plan and prepare for your new employee and instill confidence in your new recruits

A take home induction manual is an effective documented resource that new employees can learn and refer to any time. As a result, no question goes unanswered.

  • Documented processes, policies and procedures to ensure everything is made clear
  • Legal document supporting your efforts to provide adequate training to new employees
  • Staff can take home and read in their own time
  • New recruits have a reliable source of information about your business to refer to

Every business is different and so are your onboaarding needs. As a result, we understand your onboarding must support your individual business needs and goals.

  • Customised induction manual
  • Custom induction program and strategies to combat your pain points
  • Individual assessment and criteria specific to your business

Research shows that an effective induction program is linked to staff retention and performance. When staff are confident and committed to their role their performance improves. Moreover, job satisfaction increases when the business objectives are clear and you are working toward a common goal.

  • Get a faster return by ensuring staff are provided adequate training as quickly as possible
  • Reduce mistakes and errors of new employees who are still learning your business
  • Moreover, help staff feel confident with a clear training and induction plan which is structured and professional

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