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Best Practice, compliance, protecting your business – outsource your HR needs to the experts for reliability and peace of mind.

Key Business Advisors is committed to supporting you in managing your employees in a way that is compliant with the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) and current legislation. Our business recognises the common challenges SMEs face when recruiting, inducting, performance managing and dismissing employees and is determined to eliminate uncertainties employers face with the ever-changing Fair Work legislation. As a result we now offer outsourced HR consultancy and services.

If you are looking to improve work practices, efficiency, performance and people management you could benefit from outsourcing the Human Resources functions to the supportive and dedicated HR Team at Key Business Advisors. Key Business Advisors can partner with you to manage your entire HR Department, taking the pressure away from your business and allowing you to focus on what you do best.

We can also partner with your HR department to assist your business in all HR functions. Our experienced HR Advisors can work either onsite or offsite to suit your needs. Through a thorough HR Audit and listening closely to your needs we will provide expert advice and recommendations focusing on compliance, best practice and processes to increase efficiency in your business.

 HR Health Check 

We start with a HR health check to understand where your business is at, critical areas of concern and where room for improvement lies. 

  • Understand where your business is at 
  • Identify HR risk areas that could cost your business thousands 
  • Understand how to be compliant and work towards best practice 

 Outsourced HR Services to suit your budget 

We will be there for you to support you with managing your staff through our monthly consulting packages. Depending on the size of your business you can choose a package to suit the level of support you need. 

  • Invest the right amount to ensure your business is risk free 
  • Ensure you are also, consistently managing your HR correctly 
  • Accountability – we help you ensure your business runs smoothly 
  • Ensure consistency in your HR operations 

 Customised HR Strategy for your business 

We will design a tailored package to include the services you need. Further, we spread the spread over a 12-month period, making it easy to manage. You will benefit from a qualified HR Advisor working in your business specifically to your needs and requirements. 

  • Achieve HR good practice in your business thereby improving staff performance 
  • Ensure 100% compliance to avoid fair work claims and legal issues 
  • Optimise HR processes to increase efficiency in your business 
  • Achieve your business goals through a structured plan and approach 


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KBA is known for offering exceptional client support. With our outsourced HR you will have a dedicated HR Consultant, who will take the time to understand your business and propose HR strategies that best align with your company goals and values.  Book your Free 15 Minute Consultation with our HR Experts today and make sure you’re compliant.


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We have a range of HR documents and checklists, free to download here.

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