HR Audit

HR Audit reviews all aspects of Human Resources in your business including your policies, procedures, processes and systems. This helps in identifying the problem areas in the business and assists in keeping your compliance in check.  

An initial assessment is conducted to review all the documentations that you currently have in place. This is usually done by getting you to fill out a preliminary form that comprises a series of HR questions.  Based on the preliminary assessment, our HR experts will provide you with a strategic plan outlining any potential risks your business maybe exposed to and provide you with tailored solutions to eliminate them. The team often brainstorms all the possible solutions and makes sure there’s no stone unturned. 

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KBA is known for offering exceptional client supportYou will have a dedicated HR Consultant, who will take the time to understand your business and propose HR strategies that best align with your company goals and values.  Book your Free 15 Minute Consultation with our HR Experts today and make sure you’re compliant.


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Why conduct a HR Audit? 


  • To ensure compliance 
  • To keep a check on your HR function 
  • To make sure your policies are robust enough
  • To address staffing issues 
  • To identify strengths and weaknesses in your business 

Moreover there are huge penalties if your HR policies are not compliant. We recommend that you conduct an audit regularly and minimise the risk of being penalised.  



A HR audit reviews your organisation’s: 

  • Recruitment & Induction
  • Onboarding
  • Employee Management
  • Payroll & Leave Entitlements
  • Documents & Policies
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Employment Contracts
  • Rosters
  • Position Description
  • Performance Reviews & Counselling

Here’s a FREE HR Health Check: 


HR Health Check is a great way to identify the gaps in your business; it’s a reassurance that you’re doing everything right within your business. We have put together the following checklist of the essential HR Processes required for good practice and compliance. This free HR health check is only the starting point and it’s hard to draw conclusions just based on this. We will have to investigate more to get a clearer understanding to able to give you our valuable feedback. 

Free HR Health Check



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