Are you struggling to achieve company goals or targets and can’t work out why your strategy is not aligned with everyday activity? Conduct a Staff Satisfaction Survey with Key Business Adviosrs and STAR Worplace.

What is a STAR Workplace and why should I have this in my business?

STAR Workplace is a unique tool that measures both employer and staff satisfaction, as well as how your staff’s everyday activities link back to your business strategy. STAR Workplace allows you to benchmark your business against other small and medium enterprises, providing you a snapshot of where your business is today and identifying areas of action.

Through this program and the Staff Satisfaction Survey, you can measure and highlight issues within your business. And, more importantly, it also collates employee and employer data to produce a report that can serve as a starting point for business improvement and change.

What’s involved? (Methodology)

The STAR Workplace Program uses two processes to gather information from both the employer and employees.

The assessment includes:

  • Interview Survey of Employer – 80 odd questions
  • Confidential Staff Satisfaction Survey – 30 odd questions plus up to 10 of your own customised into the survey
  • 360 Degree Report for improved strategies
  • Benchmarking your business against others – Industry Standard
  • Team workshop (facilitated by KBA) to present the results resulting in high motivation for change

Key Features

  • Measures employees’ and employers’ satisfaction of the business
  • Opens up lines of communication with staff
  • Shows you how to retain key staff
  • Identifies strengths, weaknesses and gaps in the business
  • Identifies areas of risk and sustainability
  • Shows what the staff are thinking of the business
  • Promotes an understanding of what drives staff to achieve your company goals
  • Confidential online survey
  • Benchmarks your business with others researched in Australia
  • Measuring tool – You can’t manage what you can’t measure
  • Provides a comprehensive report, including recommendations on resolving underlying issues
  • Assists with future development planning and strategies
  • Identifies areas of action and assist in prioritising what is important to grow your business
  • A great way to create change in your business for restructuring or refocusing on new horizons
  • Helps you achieve your company targets

What are the costs?

  • Please contact us for a quote to suit your business needs.

STAR Workplace Background

Using research-based on implementation of internationally accepted models, the STAR Workplace Program was developed as a self-assessment tool to enable organisations to understand and learn how their own strategy is implemented and identify areas for improvement. This is a perpetual process – not a “one-off” change program. As a result, the STAR Workplace Program creates a benchmark for ongoing business improvement and employee engagement.


The measurement system is the underlying method of data analysis. For any workplace, the STAR benchmark goal is 75% or
above. Throughout the report bar graphs will also assist you with your planning priorities, using the internationally recognised Risk Management System:

  • Green – Priorities for Sustainability
    This represents results that achieve a rating of 75% or more. These are factors which show strength in your result.
  • Gold – Priorities for Management
    This represents results that achieve a rating of 67% – 74%. These are factors which require management attention.
  • Red – Priorities for Risk
    This represents results that are less than 67%. These are factors that are high risk in your business.



The Workplace Program is best used in conjunction with a workplace improvement program and assists in developing a 12 month HR Plan.


The STAR Workplace Program also includes a set of reports to assist you in project managing improvements in your business:

  • 12 Month Action Plan
  • Team Report
  • Human Resources Framework Self-Assessment Dashboard
  • Detailed STAR Workplace Report

Download the STAR Workplace Brochure to share with your workplace.

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What our clients say


“We have participated in the STAR Workplace program which gave us great feedback as to where we were in the eyes of our staff and being fully independent the information gathered, while hard to take in some areas, gave us the tools to improve our team’s morale and make sure everyone was on the same page, enabling our business to move forward”

– Rodney Pearl, Corporate Manager 

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