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Key Business Advisors can help you attract and retain the right people for your business with an effective HR strategy

When you hire a new talent, there’s cost you’d incur for onboarding, offboarding and training Bad hires can cost your business a lot of money. You want to make sure that you onboard the right person with the right skillsetswho is interested in your business, and is keen to make a contribution towards the business growth. Besides, legalities and practices must always be adhered to when you onboard a new staff member. 

Our team of HR experts have the expertise and tools to help you attract skilled and motivated talents. Ideally, you would want to hire professionals who will set goals and do everything they can to surpass it.

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Recruitment Documents 

 From writing a job ad to crafting the PD’s – we can customise all the documents to suit your recruitment needs: 

  • Position Descriptions 
  • Job Advertisements 
  • Induction Documents 
  • Writing the job advertisement for jobs sites such as SEEK 

Manage the Recruitment Process 

 If you need assistance with managing your recruitment process- here’s what we offer: 

  • Managing all applications received 
  • Telephone screening of the top 8-10 applicants 
  • Interviewing (via Skype for regional areas) the top applicants, with or on behalf of you 
  • Making the job offer, then writing letter of offer to the successful applicant 
  • Informing unsuccessful candidates of the result of their application 

Help you Select the Right Candidate 

  • Reporting on top candidates, including summary of assessment against the selection criteria 
  • Recommending the top candidate and arranging the second interview with you 
  • Conducting relevant background and reference checks on successful applicants 
  • Comprehensive personality profile report 

Upskill Managers to Hire Great Staff  

It’s all about showing your employees how to find the best people possible. We can train your managers with the skills, tools, and insights to make the right decisions: 

  • Provide one on one training with recruitment personnel to ensure they are recruiting the best staff for your business 
  • Tips and tricks to save you time and resources 
  • Know what to look for to get your next STAR employee 


To help your new employee have a warm start in your organisation.

To setup the new employee for success, it’s important you have an effective induction program to help them integrate better in your organisation. It gives them the first impression of who you are and what your company’s mission, vision and values are. Within the first few days of the induction, you want to make sure they get a good understanding of your company culture and learn all the valuable information required. A good program lays a good foundation and helps in creating a cohesive team. 

Bear in mind, employees that are the happiest tend to perform better. Besides this serves as a great opportunity for you to communicate what you expect of them. KBA can induct your new staff and assist them as they transit into their new role. Be it contracts, procedures or policies – it’s important that the new hiree is across all the documentations in your organisation and we can make sure that they have a seamless experience in the process of getting to know your organisation. 



Induction services include: 

  • Workplace welcome & tour 
  • Setup sessions with all the stakeholders in the organisation 
  • Policies & Procedures 
  • Orientation 
  • Schedule a plan 


Our recruitment packages can be tailored according to your budget and needs. As a small business, our vision is to help other small businesses grow to the next level. If budget is a constraint, we have some cost-effective options that you might want to find out from our HR experts that’s designed only for small businesses

  • No recruitment fee / percentage of the salary package 
  • Experienced HR consultants managing the process to get YOU the best results 
  • Do as much or as little yourself as you like to fit within your budget 


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