We understand the enormous pressure, stress and anxiety you are having to cope as a business to get through these challenging times and make it to the other side of this crisis. With this in mind, we are here to say you’re not in it alone. Here are a series of webinars to keep you going.
















































Preparing your staff to work from home I Webinar

  • How not to compromise on your company’s IT Security
  • Best ways to access company systems
  • How to get your staff to follow the policies
  • Ways to ensure remote workers are productive
  • To get the best outcomes with your employees

Guest Speaker – Cameron Evans – Director AMA ICT

Maximising your online marketing presence I Webinar

  • Setting up your business for better online success
  • Understanding how people need retail therapy online now
  • Learn how to deliver your products/services online
  • With Covid-19 – Rethink your online strategy
  • Setting up your marketing plan for better lead generation

Guest Speaker – Jason Hulme – Director BSO Digital 

Managing Staff in These Difficult Times I Webinar

  • Why communication should be your Number 1. Priority
  • Ways to reduce costs with wages.
  • What to do if you must make tough decisions
  • What’s your ‘working from home’ plan?
  • Ways to stay positive and think differently to survive!

Presenter – Allyson Fletcher, HR Advisor, Key Business Advisors 


Understanding Your Obligations with Payroll and Rostering I Webinar

  • Modern Awards – Understanding the General Retail Industry Award and Clerks Private Sector Award (new changes )
  • National Employment Standards – Why your company needs to comply with NES
  • Rostering Rules – How to comply with Rostering Rules
  • Annualised Salaries – Make sure that you are not underpaying salary staff that is linked to their Industry Award
  • Your obligations as an employer with Payroll and Rostering under COVID-19 conditions

Presenter – Allyson Fletcher, HR Advisor, Key Business Advisors 


Keeping your employees safe from COVID19 I Webinar

  • Your obligation as an employer in keeping your staff safe from COVID-19
  • How to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your workplace. What type of cleaners and cleaning methods should we use
  • Understanding all about face masks and how they can protect you.
  • Why keeping your staff safe will increase staff commitment to keep you in business?

Guest Speaker – Jeremy Trotman Founder and Principal Occupational Hygienist, JTA

Supporting your customers through these challenging times I Webinar

  • The value of supporting your customers by having good insight
  • The opportunities you can create by having the foresight
  • The importance of re-educating your customers about your products and services
  • Being agile and thinking differently to attract new customer opportunities
  • Additional tips on how to lead your team through these challenging times

Presenter – Colin Wilson, Director, Key Business Advisors 

Business Post COVID-19 – Getting Back On Track I Webinar

  • Getting through these challenging times with all the confusion
  • Using your Accountant to help identify better income streams
  • Understanding better initiatives that can help rebuild your business
  • How to get your business back on track without being distracted by COVID-19
  • Why you must communicate and engage with your team of advisors

Building a sales pipeline back in your business I Webinar

Presenter – Colin Wilson, Director, Key Business Advisors and Mark Said, CEO-MKS Group

  1. w to be resilient to build good sales opportunities
  2. The power of networking and getting referrals
  3. Ways to think differently to build a solid sales pipeline
  4. Ways to contact and engage with your clients during these difficult times
  5. The power of leadership and teamwork to drive and thrive


Getting your business to excel through better technology

  1. Getting your ICT organised before 30th June
  2. Looking at ways to consolidate your current IT infrastructure
  3. Take advantage of Office 365 and what it can do for your business
  4. Ensuring you have the right IT security in place to protect your business
  5. Getting your ducks in a row to bounce back post-COVID-19

Guest Speaker – Cameron Evans – Director AMA ICT


Getting back to basics in managing staff

  1. Getting your team back to work, so you can get back to business 
  2. How to re-induct your team back into your business 
  3. What to do if your staff don’t want to return back to work just yet  
  4. Getting back to basics with HR best practice  
  5. How to get your team back in front of your customers 

Presenter Maja Trpevska, HR Consultant, Key Business Advisors 


Setting your business up in sourcing new staff, for a new start

  1. Changing your company structure to Survive & Thrive
  2. Re-evaluating what skill sets your company needs for a new start
  3. Re-aligning your staff around your new structure
  4. How to source new talent that can bring value to your business
  5. How to recruit for what you need to rebuild your company

Presenter Colin Wilson, Director, Key Business Advisors

Managing your payroll during COVID-19

  1. The importance of getting your payroll right during COVID-19
  2. How to avoid making payroll mistakes during COVID-19
  3. Your obligations around staff Wages and Superannuation
  4. The most common payroll questions KBA is constantly being asked?
  5. Getting your employees back on track as we all return to work!
  6. Take advantage of MVCC Business Support with their Government Funding Program

Presenter Colin Wilson, Director, Key Business Advisors

Getting your business organised to maximise efficiency

  1. The importance of being organised
  2. What is disorganisation costing you?
  3. Getting your to-do list done
  4. Beating Procrastination
  5. Take control of being a leader

Presenter Sue Glasser, Organising & Time Management & Mindset Mentor


Time to get your business thriving again in the new financial year

  1. Having the right mindset
  2. The power of being organised
  3. Make sure your leaders lead
  4. Build a cohesive team
  5. Focus on having a profitable business

Presenter Colin Wilson, Director, Key Business Advisors

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