As you begin crafting your goals for the next quarter, now is the time to think about upskilling your sales team. 

If you are a sales director or a manager looking to enhance your team’s performance, then here’s a program designed by Expert Sales Coach, Colin Wilson.  

This B2B sales training workshop is designed to help your sales team maximise opportunities and generate more qualified leads. This training program, tailored to your business and industry, will provide your company with a professional sales tool kit and equip you with the resources to grow and develop your staff. At the end of the workshop, your sales professionals will be focused on developing new business whilst servicing your existing clientele.  

By workshopping, we have helped hundreds of sales professionals across Australia increase their company’s revenue, significantly. Hear from other Sales Professionals on how this workshop improved their Sales Capabilities. 

In this program, your staff will learn the following skills to generate more and more business opportunities:

The Outcome of the workshop: 

Your sales professionals will be focused on developing new business while keeping and growing your existing clientele with the products and services you offer.

By attending this workshop, your team will learn how to: 

  • Research and profile a customer 
  • Prospect and deal with rejection 
  • Set up a sale from start to finish 
  • Sell your company, yourself and your point of difference 
  • Ask open-ended questions to identify opportunities 
  • Qualify the customer and decision-makers 
  • Demonstrate your products and services 
  • Sell the features and benefits of your products and services 
  • Read the client through verbal and non-verbal buying signals 
  • Overcome objections 
  • Trial close the customer through soft, hard and alternative closing techniques 
  • Ask for the order and close the sale 
  • Be planned and organised – work to a daily routine and stick to a “Sales Game Plan” to over-achieve targets 

What will they receive? 

  • Designed Workbooks
  • Class exercises relevant to the industry
  • KBA Certificate of completion
  • Experienced, professional & friendly instructors

What are the costs?

  • Please contact us for a customised training program quote for your business.

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Here what the attendees enjoyed about the program

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