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Quality leads generate more sales, which is why your staff need to know how to use the phone more effectively to get past the gatekeeper and win the customer. Enrol your staff in the Telephone Selling Techniques Customised Training Program to ensure they have a competitive edge to achieve targets and larger profits.

In this program, you and your staff will learn the step-by-step process of prospecting and selling on the telephone. Convert those leads you have obtained from networking events, referrals, past clients or lists into a steady income. Learn how to take the pain out of non-motivating prospecting and achieve highly effective conversions and wins.

Learn the secrets of prospecting and selling your way into new opportunities. 

What will my staff learn with Telephone Sales Training?

  • The importance of the ‘purpose of the call’ and the objective outcome
  • Selling yourself and your business over the phone
  • Opening up a conversation with a customer
  • Defining your campaigns
  • Dealing with rejections
  • Planning your opportunities
  • Recognising verbal buying signals
  • Knowing the objections before you begin
  • How to trial close the customer through soft, hard and alternative closing techniques
  • Using your weekly planner
  • Sticking to your game plan
  • Tactics to keep you motivated
  • Improving your telephone sales closing ratio

What will they receive?

  • Designed Workbooks
  • Class exercises relevant to the industry
  • KBA Certificate of completion
  • Experienced, professional & friendly instructors

What are the costs?

  • Please contact us for a customised training program quote for your business.

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