Are your staff engaged and motivated with the right attitude to make a difference to your bottom line?

The Business Improvement Planning Day is tailored for your business to engage your team members and lead them on a journey of where you want the business to go.

Through this interactive session your team will walk away re-energised and motivated, knowing their contribution makes a difference to the bottom line of the business. Empower your team to succeed by taking your team out from the usual workplace environment and spend the day to work on your business to improve productivity and generate better profits.

What will be covered throughout the day?

  • Building a cohesive team
  • Understanding different personality types to deal with conflict and positive outcomes
  • The Vision, Value and Purpose of your business
  • Better ways to build a strong customer culture in your business
  • Setting business and personal goals
  • Strategies to improve the business
  • Group team building activities

What are the costs?

Please contact us for a customised training program quote for your business.

Business Improvement Planning Day tailored for your business


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