The Emerging Leaders Program is designed specifically to nurture future leaders of your organisation. This program aims to identify the emerging leaders and help them develop the knowledge, skills and abilities required to lead and manage a team.

At KBA, we believe in creating sustainable growth. Unlike other programs that promise transformation in a day or two, our program focuses on setting realistic goals and bringing the best out of your Emerging Leaders with 4 sessions spread across 12 months. We also involve all the stakeholders in the process to make sure the outcome aligns with your strategic goals.  

Our Approach:

The workshop kicks off with an initial self-assessment, where we try to identify the capabilities of the nominated emerging leader/s. We would then interview the mentor and other stakeholders and ask them to assess the nominee based on criteria such as their ability to communicate assertively, managing responses to situations, commitment to team etc.  The outcome of this assessment would give us a fair understanding of their potential, which helps us in creating an actionable plan to maximise their performance.  

Who is it for? 

This program is for the future leaders of your company, who are waiting to be developed into a great leader. These leaders look for a great manager, a great coach and a great mentor.  

What does this program do? 

The program comprises of 4 sessions spread across 12 months (3 x full-day classroom training sessions one per quarter and 1 site visit from Colin Wilson).  By liaising with all the stakeholders in your organisation, we workshop and set quarterly goals for your nominees and help them achieve it. 

The first session is all about learning to lead yourself. Assertive Communication, Strategic thinking, Managing responses and Decision making are a few key focus-topics. Participants will be asked to create an action plan at the end of the session. 

The second session will kick off with an assessment where we encourage the participants to reflect and give their feedback on how they went with their action plan. This session focuses on leading others where the emphasis will be laid on managing and motivating the team, maintaining relationships, performance management, DiSC profiling etc. By now all the participants will have a good understanding of what leadership is and what is expected of them. 

The third session is designed to help the participants gain some practical business knowledge. They will understand what the key profit drivers of your business are, your company’s value proposition and your key customers. This session will wrap up with a performance plan as well.  

In the last session, Colin Wilson will discuss the Performance Plan with all the Stakeholders and wrap up the program with a store visit.


Awards presented to participants after completing The Emerging Leaders Program:


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