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In-House HR Training

Key Business Advisors offer a variety of customised company-specific HR training programs to help you get the most from your staff.

Whether they are undergoing the recruitment process, new employees, existing employees, good or bad – everyone needs a bit of extra motivation and guidance from time to time. Key Business Advisors offers a number of human resource training programs that can be customised to your workplace. We can also deliver them at a length, time and location that suits you and your HR department. Our in-house programs with our hr professionals will benefit your workplace through boosting staff morale and inspiring motivation. These programs provide valuable insights for your team while helping you achieve your business goals and improve your overall organisational culture.

Whether it be a 2-hour class, half-day, full-day, or a series of sequential HR workshops, we will work with you to design a program that helps you and your team find business success.

How to Manage & Motivate Staff through a HR Process
(Customised For Your Business)

Provide training for your leadership team and give them practical skills to help them get more out of their staff and improve their business performance. Moreover, we can help senior managers understand how to manage different personalities and follow correct HR processes to protect your business. Also, learn compliance requirements, performance management insights, tips, tools and advice. Read More >

  • Understand key drivers for employee performance
  • Gain insight into how to get the most out of your team
  • Strategies, tools and insights into staff performance and how your team can improve

Workplace Bullying Workshop
(Customised For Your Business)

Ensure your team and your HR department understands employment laws and workplace rules and regulations around Workplace Bullying and Harassment. Protect your workplace from inconvenient and stressful Fair Work claims. Above all, our hr professionals can help your work environment remain a culturally positive and safe environment for all of your employees. Read More >

  • Understand legislation and what is classified as bullying or harassment
  • Align expectations for employee behaviour
  • Prevent Fair Work claims and ensure your workplace culture is positive and safe for all involved

Policy Education Programs

Risks to health and safety can occur in any workplace, whether it be workplace bullying, harassment or discrimination. As a result, it is vital to ensure your business has the correct implementation and understanding of company policies. This protects your business from any legal or unwanted issues and employment laws.

With an understanding that every workplace is unique, Key Business Advisors can also individually tailor a HR strategy to align with your business. By covering areas such as legislative policies and mandatory procedures, you will be provided with a holistic service that includes the design and implementation of documentation to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.

STAR Workshops
(Employer & Staff Satisfaction Surveys)

STAR is an operational tool aiming to promote and generate positive change in your workplace. Further, with a major focus on the consistent growth of staff satisfaction, STAR ultimately provides real insights, offering you the confidence to invest in a real change in the workplace.

The longitudinal measurement in STAR allows you to gauge the effects and results that new strategies deliver to your business. By benchmarking your business against others researched in Australia, STAR provides you with a comprehensive report with the information you need to identify areas of strength and weakness within your workplace. Read More

DiSC® Workshops

DiSC Profiling is a tool used to describe individual behavioural styles and how each team member can relate better with others in the workplace.

Our DiSC workshops will not only identify each team member’s individual personality profiles but helps to understand behavioural differences and how best to work together as a team to get the most out of everyone’s unique strengths and weaknesses. Read More >

  • Identify key team strengths and weaknesses
  • Teach staff how to manage their behavioural styles more effectively
  • Help employees understand how to succeed in your workplace
  • Create positive team culture and understanding

Customised HR Programs

Do you have a specific company-wide HR issue or need a particular team to perform a certain way? We can create training programs and HR strategies to assist with any type of requirement. Whether it be performance or behaviour based, motivational or a specific goal that needs to be achieved – KBA can help get your team on board and working exactly the way you need to contribute to your business’s success.

  • Performance, behaviour or motivational workshops
  • Company-wide, departmentalised, team-based of small groups – we can cater for any group size
  • Short programs or series, we’ll advise you on how best to achieve your desired HR training goals.

Short HR Training Courses

Our public classes enable you or members of your team to gain knowledge in key areas of HR management and performance.

Do you have a small team, or just want to come to a workshop yourself? Therefore, Key Business Advisors’ short course HR classes are just for you. You will also be able to network with like-minded individuals, collaborate with other business owners and gain valuable insights and strategies to improve your HR processes.

Full-day, half-day or 2-hour classes – we offer a variety of workshops to suit your busy schedule.

We also run a variety of day-long classes throughout the year to help you or your staff understand HR. You will learn how to implement the right tools, strategies and best HR practice into your business.

Can’t commit to a full-day class? Our half-day classes also provide valuable insights, strategies and tools without having to take a full day away from your business.

Want to be able to improve your business but can’t get away from the office? Our two-hour workshops provide you with the opportunity to improve your business and HR in bite-sized classes to allow you to digest and learn over time.

HR Software Training

Our qualified HR consultants can train you in Software solutions such as enableHR and Employment Hero

As a trusted partner of Employment Hero and enableHR, we can help you set-up these tools, train your team and provide on-going support to help you with the transition.


Employment Hero

Free HR Webinars

Our free HR webinars will introduce you to key concepts that will help you improve your business through best practice HR processes.

Take advantage of FREE HR information and join in on our webinars. Moreover, Key Business Advisors experts shed light on common issues or questions around HR in the workplace.

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