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Understand your own and your customers’ behavioural styles, and watch your sales skyrocket!

DiSC Profiles

The Everything DiSC ® Sales Profile helps sales professionals better connect with customers through in-depth insights into themselves and their relationships. As a sales professional, you have various priorities which drive the way you achieve results. The Everything DiSC® Sales Map provides a structure for understanding which priorities are most important to you and how they might affect your relationships with different customers.


Before you can understand your relationships with customers, it’s important to start with an understanding of your own style. The Everything DiSC Sales Profile includes a comprehensive report of your own style, as well as how you can appeal to each customer, no matter what his or her personality style is.

DiSC for Sales Workshop

What you will learn from a DiSC for Sales Workshop

In this DiSC for Sales Workshop, you and your team will gain in-depth insights into your own behaviour and that of others, helping you to better understand and appreciate the styles of the people whom you work with and are selling to. You will learn to communicate more effectively by creating strategies for overcoming challenges when working with and selling to people of different DiSC styles.

  • Learn about the DiSC concept of personalities and behaviours in styles
  • Your strengths and challenges in sales
  • Recognising the customers buying styles of DiSC to increase strategies to win the customer
  • Understanding what drives the customers to buy through their personality style
  • Customer mapping and developing an action plan
  • Strategies to increase your sales effectiveness, dealing with conflict, creating customer advocacy and getting buy-in
  • Increase your sales closing ratio
  • Learn more about your colleagues
  • Improve team performance

To arrange a DISC team building session or to discuss your organisation’s needs, please contact Key Business Advisors team on 1300 4 ADVICE or by email at info@keyba.com.au

Check out the DiSC for Sales Video


‘DiSC’ and ‘Everything DiSC’ are registered trademarks of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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