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Performance management is difficult and often a big stressor for employers. Our team of experts can help you alleviate the pressure of managing your employees’ performance and ensure that an effective process is in place to maximise their potential.

Performance management is all about setting individual goals and reviewing them in an ongoing basis. It sets the framework for the employees to align better with the overall company strategy and identify areas where they can improve. If you want your team to perform to its optimum, you need to have a strong Performance Management process in place. Low motivation, absenteeism, poor prioritising are all examples of performance issues; having an effective performance management strategy can help you retain the key employees of your organisation. It’s crucial to identify and encourage your superstar performers and help them reach their maximum potential. Whether you need training to conduct effective performance reviews or just need some help creating a process for your organisation – we can help.

Our experienced HR Advisors can assist you through every step of the way and advise on all areas of performance management.

  • Performance reviews and evaluations
  • Set goals for individuals align better with business goals
  • Review the progress of the individuals
  • Offer training opportunities
  • Rewards to motivate

Performance Management Training 

We can also provide training for your leaders and supervisors, guiding them to facilitate performance reviews effectively.
  • Understand performance management processes and procedures 
  • Managing difficult conversations 
  • Understanding personality types 
  • KPI and expectation setting 

Performance Management Processes 

We can work with you to develop performance strategies and processes unique to your business model. Key Business Advisors understand how to develop performance feedback and systems to ensure your team’s optimum performance. 
  • Understanding and navigating team dynamic 
  • Strategies unique to your business and business roles 
  • Developing workflows, timelines and processes to ensure maximum output and efficiencies 

Conduct Performance Reviews 

We understand that conducting effective performance reviews can be difficult. Our experienced HR professionals can alleviate the stress by coaching and assisting you when conducting performance review with your employees. This takes away the pressure of any personal connections with staff and ensures a successful outcome for both parties. 
  • Addressing performance issues 
  • Ensuring performance expectations are understood 
  • Directing conversations to avoid any claims

Learn more about conducting Employment Hero Performance Reviews here.

Performance Management Support 

We can advise and support you in how to take the correct approach when managing staff performance. 
  • Phone advice and support in difficult situations 
  • Guidance on handling performance management issues 
  • Step by step actions to reduce risk to your business with employee difficulties 

Learn more about conducting enableHR Performance Reviews here.

Performance Review Templates 

We can assist you with tailoring performance management templates specific to your business and employees. 
  • Structure and approach for review templates 
  • Correct documentation procedures 
  • Guidance on relevant KPIs and expectations 
  • Tailor Performance Review templates to each role 

Do you need help with performance management?

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