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Australia is getting ready for a return to almost normal conditions following the COVID-19 outbreak. But are you and your employees ready to return to the office? Here is a checklist to ensure you are prepared before employees return:

Returning to work after covid19



HR Health Check is a great way to identify the gaps in your business; it’s a reassurance that you’re doing everything right within your business. We have put together the following checklist of the essential HR Processes required for good practice and compliance.

Free HR Health Check

To help you stay compliant


Are you looking to hire new talent in your business? Do you have a hiring plan in place? Are you prepared enough? Do you know what you need to do before you advertise and start recruiting? Here are some tips to get you started:

Recruiting new staff - Checklist

Australia has successfully ‘flattened the curve’ and each State is beginning to take some steps to ease some of the restrictions in place. But before your employees go out and start visiting clients, there are several measures you should put in place.

Employees Visiting clients

Once the ad is posted and the applications start flowing, how do you best manage applications without wasting your precious time? Here are a few tips to maximise your time and ensure the employee still receives the best experience during the recruitment process:

Managing Applications Effectively

We all know the negative impacts of disengaged employees: increased turnover and conflicts, decrease productivity, which impact on customer service and ultimately on the bottom line of the business. Here are 9 key areas to think about:

Keeping your employees engaged

COVID-19 and social restrictions in Australia have significantly impacted many businesses since February 2020. Despite the government’s best efforts to keep people employed with stimulus packages like the JobKeeper payment, many employees have lost their jobs. If your business is considering redundancies, you need to ensure the redundancy is genuine. But what does this mean exactly?

Is it a genuine redundancy ?

Employers are being asked to Covid-proof their workplaces as staff return to the office. We have put together a checklist to help employers get a start with their plans. The aim is to help businesses think about what they should consider before getting employees back into the office.

Workplace CovidSafe Guideline

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