Improving Your Business through HR Consulting and Processes

Key Business Advisors provides HR services and human resource consulting to businesses and organisations in Melbourne and throughout Australia. We work with those who want to improve their work practices, efficiency, performance management and people management while staying focused on what they do best. Get in touch to learn more about our human resource services today!

KBA can help you and your company leaders to manage and motivate your staff to be more successful within your company. Whether you run a small or medium business or even a large organisation, we can be your outsourced HR Partner, offering expert advice and support to build a better company culture. Better culture means better employee engagement, and this helps your company succeed. The supportive, dedicated, and highly qualified HR consultants at Key Business Advisors cater to businesses of all sizes. From SMEs and professional firms to complex organisations, KBA’s HR Advisors can work either onsite or offsite to assist your HR department. With our HR expertise, we can offer efficient and professional HR management services to help you run all your human resources services and industrial relations functions.

Our team of HR professionals can work with you from recruitment, induction, position descriptions, policies and procedures to performance management. We can also give advice on terminations and the employee lifecycle. Fair Work Compliance can be confusing, so let our experts ensure you follow today’s National Employment Standards (NES), Modern Awards, Correct Pay Rates, Commissions or Bonuses. We will also ensure you are handling your Rostering or RDO’s the right way. As a human resource company, our HR consultants can advise ways to prevent an Unfair Dismissal, an Adverse Action Claim or a General Protections Claim.

Our HR Services, Advice & Support include:

KBA can help you implement HR Best Practices in your company or small business. We want to empower you with good Leaders and managers while also helping you identify the next emerging leader/s within your business. We work with many companies to ensure that they are proactive and not reactive when it comes to managing staff. Explore our offering of HR Services below!

HR Training

Our highly qualified team can provide training to assist your small business with all aspects of HR, from recruitment to performance, employee engagement, company culture, talent acquisition, business improvement, and professional development!

HR Consulting

We also offer consulting and advice to improve your business and minimise risk in the workplace. Improve your HR process today!


HR Support

Key Business Advisors’ HR Support services help you manage your business effectively. We are also available to help in a HR emergency.


HR Software

Our specialised HR software solutions ensure accurate record-keeping and compliance. Get in touch with KBA to learn more today!

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