One on One Support

We can provide one-on-one HR support or consulting sessions at any time to assist with your HR requirements so that you can ensure your personal objectives are being met.

Acquiring a better understanding of your needs is a major advantage of talking with us one-on-one. If at any time you need HR advice or assistance, Key Business Advisors is committed to ensuring you can always get through to one of our experts, to walk you through best practice, either over the phone or in person. Ad Hoc or always on call, we’re here to help you understand your legal requirements and make positive HR decisions for your business.

We strive to ensure your questions don’t go unanswered:

  • Dedicated 1300 4 ADVICE number for day-to-day support
  • Committed and dedicated team who travel to major and regional areas
  • Extensive HR knowledge and experience across different industries

Crisis Assistance

If you haven’t had a HR crisis yet – you will! When that time comes, 1300 4 ADVICE will get you out of a sticky situation when the unexpected might occur.

No matter how much your business works to maintain control over its practice, sometimes things just don’t go according to plan. When things go wrong is your business able to effectively deal with a crisis? It can have serious implications on your business especially if stakeholders, consumers and employees lose faith in your brand. Should a situation arise, know you can rely on Key Business Advisors to navigate you out of any sticky situation.

Business Improvement Workshop

We can help protect your business should any situation arise:

  • Crisis preparation, coaching and guidance
  • Established and experienced crisis management team
  • Recovery planning and execution
  • Knowledgeable HR experts who know the system and your obligations inside out
  • Network of ER/IR professionals to help you in any situation

Change Management

Further, change in any business is necessary to stay innovative and ahead of the game – and grow effectively! Let us help you ensure that change in your business is successful.

Is your business suffering from a toxic work culture that is affecting you and your teams performance? Perhaps your business is suffering from growing pains, or needs to respond to a changing marketplace. These are just a few reasons why your business may need a kick start in the right direction. We know that ensuring your business is on an upwards path will increase your sales and profits. Don’t be afraid of change, embrace it in order to seize new business opportunities and empower those within to take your business to the next level.

Successful Business in 2017

Build a great culture throughout your business to start seeing positive results:

  • How to empower your staff for better results
  • Understand the importance of sharing your vision and goals
  • Create a culture centered around teamwork and can-do attitudes

Outsourced HR

Best Practice, compliance, protecting your business – outsource your HR needs to the experts for reliability and peace of mind.

As the business owner or manager of a team, you must make sure you have the correct HR documentation, policies and processes in place to protect your business, and ensure that you set your team up for success. KBA offers HR Consulting packages that take away the headache and stress of managing staff, particularly when you don’t have a qualified HR Resource in-house.

Whether you have 2 staff or 100, we can give you the tools and support you need to motivate your staff, so you get the best return on investment.

We start with a HR health check:

  • Understand where your business is at
  • Identify HR risk areas that could cost your business thousands
  • Understand how to be compliant and work towards best practice

We will be there for you to support you with managing your staff through our monthly consulting packages. Depending on the size of your business you can choose a package to suit the level of support you need.

  • Invest the right amount to ensure your business is risk free
  • Ensure you are consistently managing your HR correctly
  • Accountability - we help you ensure your business runs smoothly
  • Ensure consistency in your HR operations

We will design a tailored package to include the services you need. The cost is spread over a 12-month period, making it easy to manage. You will benefit from a qualified HR Advisor working in your business specifically to your needs and requirements.

  • Achieve HR good practice in your business thereby improving staff performance
  • Ensure 100% compliance to avoid fair work claims and legal issues
  • Optimise HR processes to increase efficiency in your business
  • Achieve your goals business goals through a structured plan and approach

HR Membership

A KBA HR Membership gives you access to speak to our HR Advisors for over-the-phone support and general guidance to answer your HR questions.

Want peace of mind that you have someone you can call at any time, and get instant advice? Our HR memberships allow you to have a quick and easy life line at any time you need HR advice or quick answers. Get advice on legislation, how to handle a sticky HR situation, guidance on general HR topics and special KBA discounts on workshops and consultants hourly rate.

Call 1300 4 ADVICE – Helpline – weekdays – 9.00 – 5.00pm (AEST) – Speak to one of our HR Advisors to give you phone support and general guidance on HR
  • Advice on staff issues
  • Queries on awards and Fair Work guidelines
  • General HR support

As a member you can enjoy discounted rates on KBA services and classes:

  • Discounted HR workshops and courses
  • Reduced hourly rates on consulting services

Get access to HR resources, insights, templates and more as part of our members program:

  • Webinars on topical information and practical advice
  • Monthly e-newsletters providing you with topical information and practical advice

A simple subscription and billing process means less paperwork for you and your team:

  • Pay upfront for an annual subscription
  • Pay quarterly for a minimum of 12 months

Need more than just resources and quick tips? Our HR Consulting Packages might be just what you need. Further, with a number of different investments to meet your budget and HR requirements, we can take care of just a little - or a lot of your HR Requirements.

  • Outsourced HR letting you take care of business
  • Customised strategies for your business
  • Remain compliant and protected with KBA ensuring you follow correct procedure to protect your business

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