Has your employee filed a WorkCover claim and you are unsure how to proceed?  Has your employee been unable to work for a while due to an injury and you are unsure how to get them back at work?

We can help you meet your legal obligations to support your injured employee to return to safe and sustainable work with professional advice and guidance. We can help you with physical and psychological injuries. 

Key Business Advisors can help with managing the Workcover claims process from start to finish to minimise financial liabilities and ensure the best possible outcome for you and your employee. We will work with you and your employee to help you ensure the correct process is followed from the moment the employee is injured or when you receive the claim.  

Our experienced senior advisors will guide you along the way to discuss return to work options and develop a suitable return to work plan for your employee to return to work in a safe environment.    


Here are a few things we can help you with: 

  • Complete and submit the Employer Claim report
  • Plan for your employee’s return to work
  • Liaise with doctors and your employee to obtain relevant information about your employee’s capacity for work
  • Consider reasonable workplace support, aids or modifications to assist in your worker’s return to work
  • Assess and propose options for suitable or pre-injury employment to your worker
  • Review your policies, systems and processes to ensure a safe workplace
  • Liaise with the insurer to finalise the Workcover claim’s process


Need help with managing injured workers?

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