With easy-to-use tools and modern software solutions, take the pressure out of performance reviews with Employment Hero.

From onboarding new staff and organising payroll to employee performance reviews, Employment Hero is one of the best HR softwares. This intuitive software suite makes it easy to embrace employee feedback, organise administrative tasks, and find solutions to problems that every business will face. With Employment Hero, you can help your employees set and smash goals that help them and your business. Finding ways to maximise their potential and effectively collaborate with them to take your business from good to great is what Employment Hero does best.

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How Employment Hero Can Improve Performance Reviews

Performance Reviews

Undertaking performance reviews using Employment Hero allows you to quickly identify ways to improve your employees’ work performance. Whether you are developing feedback loops, setting goals or KPIs or designing custom performance reviews for specific employees, this software is a simple way to help your team smash their goals.

One-On-One Meetings

Employment Hero makes communication simple. From providing feedback and coaching to identifying areas for improvement, managers and employees can have constructive discourse and develop professional growth with Employment Hero.

Employee Feedback

Providing and receiving consistent feedback is a game-changer for your team. Providing positive feedback or constructive criticism is essential in every business. Whether that be in terms of task performance or overall output, employee development begins with feedback.

How KBA Can Help You!

The HR Advisors at Key Business Advisors can assist you in setting up Employment Hero in your business and advise on all areas of performance management, including:

  • Performance reviews and evaluations
  • Employee training opportunities
  • Understand performance management processes and procedures 
  • Having difficult conversations with underperforming employees
  • KPI, goal and expectation setting 

Learn more about how we at Key Business Advisors can help you with performance reviews here!

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