By utilising enableHR’s online performance review tools, you can work with your employees to help them achieve their goals!

Getting the most out of your employees is an important part of being a business owner, and one of the best ways to do this is by evaluating your team’s performance. Discovering areas of success or ways to improve is just the first step in successful employee performance management, and with enableHR, the process couldn’t be easier. By having your employees undertake an enableHR review, you can help them set new goals, ensure they have the training they need to perform, or even simply check in on them to ensure they are happy in their role. enableHR reviews are also an excellent way to identify your star performers and can assist you in finding ways to appropriately reward them for all their hard work.

enableHR Performance Tools Offer:

  • Clever software that keeps you compliant and protects you from workplace problems.
  • Guided workflows that assist you through every stage of the performance management process.
  • Scalable software that fits with the way you do business.
  • Ways to create your own metrics: from complex rating scales to simple, free text fields.
  • Ways for managers and employees to access the software from any internet-connected device.

Learn more about why you should conduct online staff performance reviews using enableHR here

How KBA Can Help You!

The HR Advisors at Key Business Advisors can assist you in setting up the enableHR online software review tools and advise on all areas of performance management, including:

  • Performance reviews and evaluations
  • Employee training opportunities
  • Understand performance management processes and procedures 
  • Having difficult conversations with underperforming employees
  • KPI, goal and expectation setting 

Learn more about how we at Key Business Advisors can help you with performance reviews here

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