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Should you Conduct Staff Performance Reviews Online?

With the uncertainty that comes from the COVID-19 lockdowns, and since almost everyone is working from home, what is the best way to conduct face-to-face performance reviews? Do you postpone them until you can complete them in person, or do you run them online? The good news is if you are considering moving performance reviews to an online space, they are still quite effective.

But why is it important to conduct performance reviews in the first place? Whether it be providing feedback, assessing areas of improvement, or just checking in on your team, performance reviews are essential.

Performance reviews provide your staff with valuable feedback.
Employees may receive feedback on their day-to-day activities, but more often than not, your team isn’t receiving comprehensive feedback on their overall performance. It may be the case that they don’t actually know how well they are generally performing or are feeling undervalued for not getting the recognition they deserve.

Performance reviews assess the areas that your team may need to develop or improve.
Performance reviews allow the employee and the employer an opportunity to identify any areas that may need further development or improvement. This is important as it gives a better focus on areas on what their goals are and how best they can achieve them.

Performance reviews ensure that your staff’s performance is aligned with the business objectives.
Every role within a business has a purpose, and the people who undertake these roles should have goals that align with the strategic objectives. Undertaking performance reviews regularly will give your team a chance to discuss their role and build a greater understanding of why their role is vital to the business. This will also encourage them to be more invested in achieving the strategic objectives of the company.

Are online staff performance reviews important?
These are only a few reasons why performance reviews should be a necessary inclusion in your business plan. So, while your team is working remotely, is it still essential to do performance reviews online?

The answer is yes, especially during this period of uncertainty. It is important now more than ever that you check in with your staff regularly. Performance reviews are a great way to support them, keep them engaged, and provide them with feedback. With all that has been going on throughout this global pandemic, your team needs positive feedback and support to refocus and re-engage.

If you’re unsure how to complete the performance review process online or are concerned that it may demotivate your team instead, then contact the experts at Key Business Advisors. Our experienced team can answer all of your questions and have the tools to help you with organising staff performance reviews online. We also offer our ‘How to Manage and Motivate’ classes, which can be fully tailored to suit you and your team.


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