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What is DiSC?

The DiSC Model of behaviour was founded by William Moulton Marston, a physiological psychologist. From his research, Marston proposed that the behavioural expression of emotions could be distinguished into four types, originating from the individual’s impression of self in relationship to their environment. These four types are Dominance (D), Inducement (I), Submission (S), and Compliance (C). This model created by Marston integrates these four types into a two-dimensional, two-axis space. The DiSC Model expands our understanding of one another and fosters deep conversations and relationships.

Maston's DiSC Model

What are the benefits of using DiSC in the Workplace? 

Understanding your own profile enables you to better communicate with your colleagues, build a stronger understanding between managers and employees, and generate positive working relationships among team members.

We can also use DiSC profiling to the benefit of onboarding new employees by better understanding how they fit into the team dynamics and culture. An organisation can build an induction and training program directly suited to the individual’s DiSC profile by better understanding their learning style.

Benefits of using DiSC in the workplace include:

  •  Raising employee self-awareness
  •  Improving teamwork
  •  Making conflict more productive
  •  Developing stronger sales skills
  •  Managing more effectively
  •  Training without judgement

If you would like to incorporate DiSC Profiling into your workplace, Key Business Advisors offers DiSC Workshops and training programs. To find out more, please visit the link below:

DiSC Profiling | Key Business Advisors | DiSC Assessment (keyba.com.au)


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