HR Policies and procedures to protect your business from unwanted claims 

No organisation is completely protected from the risk of an unwanted claim. The lack of  HR policies and procedures within a business is often the cause of it. You can easily avoid these claims if you take the time to document your policies and procedures. Besides, implementing procedure documentation supports a safe and healthy workplace and helps your employees understand exactly what you expect of them.  

We understand it can be very daunting to keep up with the changing legislation. Our HR experts can help you draft a well-documented handbook outlining the expectations of your workplace behaviour and clearly communicate the implication of not complying with it. Furthermore, when there’s a breach, we can help you take disciplinary action and liaise on your behalf to resolve the issue, or If you already have a policy in place, we can workshop and re-induct your policies to your employees returning to work.  

Key Business Advisors can create HR policies that best align with your business goals: 

Mandatory HR Policies

  • Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • EEO and Discrimination and Harassment Policy
  • Grievance Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Workplace Bullying Policy
  • Confidentiality
  • Email and Internet usage
  • Leave
  • Social media
  • Victimisation
  • Company Mobile Phone Electronic Device Policy
  • Emergency Management
  • WHS Policy
  • Covid-19 Vaccination Policy
  • Workplace Surveillance Policy


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Best Practice HR Policies

  • Code of Conduct
  • Company Uniform and Personal Presentation
  • Motor Vehicle Policy
  • Social Events Policy
  • Company Property
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Redundancy
  • Cash Handling and Discrepancy Policy
  • Company Credit Card Policy
  • Performance Management Policy
  • Customer Complaint Policy and Procedure
  • Employee Housing Policy
  • Job Sheet Policy
  • On-Call Policy
  • Overtime Policy
  • Smoking Policy
  • Timesheet Policy
  • Training Policy
  • Travel Policy
  • Work From Home Policy
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