Compliance & Documentation

It is imperative you are HR compliant to ensure your business remains protected and legally compliant should any issues occur within your workplace, potentially saving you thousands in the future.

No matter what business you’re running, the size, the location etc.; if you employ staff you must be HR compliant or risk legal liabilities. Following correct HR procedures, processes, hiring rules, performance management, issue resolution and termination – is the only safe way to protect your business. Failure to do so can result in considerable fines and risks which could potentially not only cost you money but a high amount of stress, time and resources! At Key Business Advisors we will make sure you are HR compliant and therefore, your business is protected.

Awards Compliance

We can help you make sure all your employees are on the correct award and that your business is following correct award standards.

  • Identify and assist with ensuring staff are on correct awards and are compliant
  • Ensure employment contracts, offers and processes are award compliant

Salary and Wages

Identify correct awards and salary ranges for your employees based on their expertise and training.

  • Ensure you are following correct salary guidelines and are informed
  • Identifying employee types, wages, options and awards that fit into your business structure

Employment Contracts

Ensure your employees have compliant contracts that protect both the employee and the employer.

  • Employment contracts and offers
  • Industry compliant documents

HR Documents, Record Keeping and Templates

We can also assist with all types of HR record keeping requirements.

  • Induction / onboarding documents
  • Exit documents and records
  • Interview records and documents
  • Individual flexibility agreements
  • Performance review, management and KPI record keeping
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