Are you struggling to achieve company goals or targets and can’t work out why your strategy is not aligned with everyday activity? 

A business is made up of people: your staff, your leadership team and yourself. Unless your team is happy, motivated and enthusiastic about what they doit can be challenging to drive performance. To make strategy happen, it’s important that you get your entire team on board. STAR Workplace is a survey tool designed to help you measure employee engagement and satisfaction within your business. 

STAR workplace is an evidence-based report that measures staff engagement and satisfaction within an organisation. The outcome of the program will help you get a holistic view of the problem areas in your business. This is a unique tool that measures how your staff’s everyday activities link back to your business strategy. It is a confidential online survey designed to give everyone a voice and allow the business owner to gain insights to drive positive change within the business. 

Through this program, you can measure and highlight issues within your business and, more importantly, collate employee and employer data to produce a report that can serve as a starting point for business improvement and change.  


The four components that this program focuses on are: 

  • – Strategy Effectiveness
  • – Team Satisfaction
  • A – Actions to Retain Employees
  • – Results of Team Performance 

The program allows you to benchmark your business against other small and medium enterprises, providing you a snapshot of where your business is today and identifying areas of action.  It takes into account your strategy, culture, engagement, HR framework and alignment and benchmarks it against 600 high performing Australasian businesses. Thoutcome will help you clearly see the problem areas in your business and helps you 

This program includes: 

  • Interview Survey of Employer – 80 odd questions 
  • Confidential Survey of Employees – 30 research-based questions and 10 custom questions 
  • 360 Degree Report to identify gaps in the business 
  • Benchmarking your business against high performing companies 
  • Team workshop (facilitated by KBA) to present the results resulting in high motivation for change

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Benefits of Star Workplace

Uncover Valuable Insights 

Get real insights to your business through the eyes of all staff involved. The confidential nature of the survey means you get greater insight than you would in other situations with your staff. 

  • Shows what the staff are thinking of the business 
  • Promotes understanding of what drives staff to achieve your company goals 
  • Guides you how to retain key staff

Identify Key Strengths and Weaknesses Within Your Business 

Having gained insight into your business we can now identify key improvement and leverage opportunities. You will have the confidence to invest in change, knowing the strategy addresses the areas in your business where you need it most. 

  • Identifies strengths, weaknesses and gaps in the business 
  • Identifies areas of risk and sustainability 
  • Assists with future development planning and strategies

Align Expectations 

Understand how staff feel about the business and their role so that any expectation misalignment can be identified and rectified with the help of data and Key Business Advisors. 

  • Measures employees’ and employers’ satisfaction of the business 
  • Opens up lines of communication with staff 
  • Helps you achieve your company targets 

Create Change 

 Understand what is needed to drive change in your business. You will be working towards carefully defined targets and goals covering performance, growth and financial outcomes. 

  • Create positive change in your business through restructuring or focusing on new horizons 
  • Identify areas of action and assist in prioritising what the important elements needed to grow your business 

Measure Change  

STAR workplace measures result over time, showing you the effects of new strategies as they are implemented and the real results they are bringing to your business. 

  • Measuring tool – you can’t manage what you can’t measure 
  • Benchmarks your business against others researched in Australia 
  • Provides a comprehensive report, including recommendations on resolving underlying issues 


3-hour presentation by Star workplace practitioner Colin Wilson and that includes: 

  • 12 Month Action Plan 
  • Team Report 
  • Human Resources Framework Self-Assessment Dashboard 
  • Detailed STAR Workplace Report with recommendations  


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