An effective and thorough induction process program will help ensure your new employee’s job satisfaction and success in helping your business grow.

What Makes For A Good Employee Induction Process?

How professional is your new employee induction process? Does it effectively cover every aspect of your business, so your staff are engaged from day one? Research has shown that a thorough, professional induction in a business is linked to staff retention.

Our HR Advisors can develop an Induction Manual for your business designed to provide a structured induction checklist for the training and development of your new employees. This ensures that they will have all the information they need for a positive and motivating start in your business.

This new employee induction program, which includes a personalised manual, will ensure your new staff have the essential information required for a successful integration into the business to get a great return on investment in your new recruits.

Structured Employee Induction Program 

A well thought out and structured induction program can ensure a new team member is onboarded as quickly and effectively as possible while providing valuable support to your business during their probation period.

  • Online, offline, or on the job training resources 
  • Shadow key employees and create buddy systems 
  • Plan and prepare for your new employee and instil confidence in your new recruits 

Personalised Employee Induction Manual 

A take-home induction manual is an effective documented resource that new employees can learn and refer to at any time. As a result, no question goes unanswered.

  • Documented processes, policies and procedures to ensure everything is made clear 
  • Legal document supporting your efforts to provide adequate induction training to new employees
  • Staff can take home and read in their own time 
  • New recruits have a reliable source of information about your business to refer to 

Training and Onboarding Customised to your Business 

Every business is different and so are your onboarding needs. As a result, we understand your formal induction is an ongoing process and must support your individual business needs and goals.

  • Customised induction manual 
  • Custom induction program and strategies to combat your pain points 
  • Individual assessment and criteria specific to your business 

Improve Staff Retention and ROI on New Recruits 

Research shows that an effective induction program is linked to staff retention and performance. When staff are confident and committed to their role their performance improves. Moreover, job satisfaction increases when the business objectives are clear and you are working toward a common goal. 

  • Get a faster return by ensuring staff are provided adequate training as quickly as possible 
  • Reduce mistakes and errors of new employees who are still learning your business 
  • Moreover, help staff feel confident with a clear training and induction plan which is structured and professional 

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