Every company wants increased sales because sales is the blood of every business, driving revenue and success. It’s simple: no sales, no business. Therefore, developing an effective sales strategy is the KEY for success. In today’s digital age, consumers are more informed than ever, conducting research before and after engaging with a company. Therefore, it is up to the sales professional to engage more with their current and potential clients, highlighting the capability of the products and services, the company they represent, what they can do for the client and demonstrating the solution with all the benefits that go with it. They need to be more of an engager and an educator, showcasing what they can offer their current customers rather than being the traditional hardcore salesperson to push people to buy. 

We live in a different world today, and people do not want to deal with high-pressure sales approaches and companies must adapt their sales strategies to changing economic conditions. Instead of blaming lost sales solely on pricing, I question, “Did the salesperson give the client the best opportunity to buy from them, and were they passionate about WHY to invest in your company?” Sales and marketing go hand-in-hand in creating opportunities to build sales for higher returns and success.  I am a big believer that professional salespeople need to find out what works best for them in how they represent themselves for the company they work for.

The secret to successful sales is finding people who are passionate about your company, what you sell/recommend as a product and/or service, and who genuinely believe that your company has the right solutions and outcomes for their current and potential customers. If they are not passionate, then this can be costing your business a lot of time and money, as passion drives capability. As a company you must ensure you equip your salespeople with the tools to generate increased sales by having good capability of Marketing, Supply, Demand, and Delivery. You can have the best salespeople in the world, but if the operations of your company are not linked to an effective sales strategy, then you will deflate and most likely lose your quality salespeople.

Marketing plays a pivotal role in generating more sales. You must have a strong online presence – a thorough website, socials and reviews that sell/recommend your company brand, your team, your products and services, and your capability. When leads come in via your website, phone, or a walk in, do you have a process where the leads are captured in a CRM (Clients Record Management) System storing valuable information including a follow up process?  Your company CRM needs to be utilised effectively where all employees are committed to entering client information for creating sales pipelines, follow-up tasks and future marketing opportunities.

At KBA, we believe investing in sales and customer training for all employees involved in customer interactions is essential. Creating a better lead to sales process will generate more sales opportunities. It is also recommended to have your staff conduct a Sales DiSC Profile https://keyba.com.au/everything-disc-sales/ so they understand their own selling style and adapt to a client’s buying style.  By doing this they will learn the value of using all company resources to get a better outcome for your client.

At Key Business Advisors, we strongly believe that you need to create the vision of a professional salesperson in today’s competitive market, and we believe they require the following attributes:

  • Self-confident, passionate, with a positive can-do attitude and motivated to be successful in sales development and positive outcomes.
  • Highly driven, great communicator, excellent networker, and referrer.
  • Great listener builds rapport and empathises with the customer.
  • Engaging and knows how to read the customer and demonstrates initiative to take control.
  • Relates brilliant product and industry knowledge and insights to the customer’s needs.
  • Focused, planned, organised – demonstrates effective time management.
  • Highly energetic, competitive, and ambitious to get the job done.
  • Understands every step of the sales process, including objection handling and closing the sale.
  • Sales driven that supports the company to exceed sales targets and breaks all records.
  • Great presenter and follows our company’s sales process to win the customer every time.
  • Approachable, presentable, and collaborative team player.
  • Provides outstanding advice that builds trust and advocates for our company.

However, it takes more than just focusing on salespeople. It’s about building a sales culture, a set of behaviours and beliefs for all employees that, “what’s best for the customer is what’s best for our business”. The customer is at the heart of all decisions made within your business. Remember, customers only know what we show and tell them, so make that the backbone and the core of your company, and you will lead your company to profitable growth.

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Colin Wilson

Director and founder, Colin Wilson drives Key Business Advisors with determination, passion, and motivation.

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