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Colin Wilson – Director, Business Advisor & Certified Chair 

Linking businesses to profit is what Colin Wilson, director and founder of Key Business Advisors loves to do best.

Director and founder, Colin Wilson drives Key Business Advisors with determination, passion, and motivation. Assisting in the growth of many organisations over the last 14 years, Colin’s tenacious approach to helping businesses grow more successful and sustainable is the key to KBA’s continued success.

What motivates Colin:

Strategic Sales – His passion is helping many businesses develop a client strategy in their business.  This incorporates sales strategies, marketing activities, client record management, business systems which all incorporates a company strategy in delivering great customer service across the whole organisation.

Strategic Leadership – Colin has a proven track record in helping many businesses in delivering programs, workshops, and One on One coaching and mentoring sessions around leadership.  Every company must have a good strategy for empowering staff which also incorporates building depth in their company with future leaders.

KBA has also developed a program ‘How to Manage & Motivate Staff through a HR Process’ which is our flagship product for management training.

Colin is an expert at facilitating ‘Business Improvement Workshops’ for many businesses which incorporates Management Brainstorming facilitation.  He is a Certified Chair through the Advisory Board Centre and has facilitated many public speaking sessions for franchises, associations, and government initiatives.

Strategic Resourcing – Colin and his team have a proven track record at helping many businesses on how to incorporate HR Best Practice in their business. This includes the whole life cycle of the following:

Organisational Measurement & Planning, HR Systems and Processes, Governance and Compliance, Performance Management to facilitating and teaching many Business Owners and Managers on how to facilitate and deliver great workshops.  I.e. Business Improvement Sessions, Staff Meetings, Start-Up Meetings, One on One sessions to Team Building Activities.

Colin prides himself on helping businesses to get the Recruitment and Induction process right in their business, ensuring they have a good HR system in place for people management for record-keeping.  Why policies and procedures are important to the ongoing performance appraisal process to performance coaching and outcomes to get staff/ teams on board, so everyone is focused on the company’s direction and goals of the business.  Colin is all about company Vision, Values and Purpose following a Company Mission that has a purpose.

Many business owners struggle with the emotional side of things when it comes to performance counselling non-performing staff.  Colin has helped many business owners, and managers to follow a process that either helps the staff member get back on track or it leads to termination.

Colin still finds the time to donate to such worthy not-for-profit organisations as YouthNow for helping young people develop their career, Keeley’s Cause in Chairing an Advisory Board to grow the organisation, and Tee Up for Kids Foundation being a contributing board member helping foster care/ out of home care children have a better life.

Colin has also founded another business Keyba Careers www.keybacareers.com.au helping young people get a job! Colin believes in the importance of social responsibility and has created programs to help disadvantaged young people advance their education, training, and employment outcomes.

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