As your company fires up for 2023, do you know what is on your agenda for the year ahead?

Do you know what will grow your business and take it to the next level where you, the business owner/manager, are excited and satisfied with consistent performance from your team? How will you turn your strategy into action where your company runs smoothly, your clients buy more, and your business profits? Think about people, process, and performance, and build a high-performing team where leaders and individuals are on the same page as you to go above and beyond.

The year has kicked off for KBA, where our team of professionals is reconnecting with our clients for 2023. The number one talking point with our clients is needing our help recruiting and training their staff to be great contributors. They want additional staff, and not replacements. They need help to build on the motivation created last year and, more importantly, help with better recruitment. They need more staff to grow, and they need them now. Does this sound like you? What is going to make your company stand out from your competitors, and why would someone want to come and join your company?

Hiring people who will be top performers as soon as they join your team is crucial to the success of your business, so it is worth spending as much time and effort as necessary to do it right the first time. However, many business owners and managers who have a lot on their plate find recruitment to be overwhelming and time-consuming and may rush into filling a role, which can result in a poor hire and major headaches down the track.

Staff turnover comes at a huge expense, so recruitment needs to be done right.

Take note of the following tips to ensure you recruit the best staff who will contribute to the growth of your business:

  1. Know the position you need to fill and develop a recruitment plan.
  2. Write a clear and specific advertisement.
  3. Be disciplined in your approach.
  4. Use the same interview guide for every candidate.
  5. Look for desirable behaviours, not just transferable skills or a specific previous experience.
  6. Be credible. Follow up when you say you will, and don’t keep that candidate hanging.
  7. Keep the process timely.

For more thorough information on the above, download our 7 Tips for Recruiting the Best Staff for Your Business

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Not only do you need to hire the right people, but you also need to ensure that you induct them properly into your business and ensure you have a plan for them. What does success look like for them, and what does success look like for your company where both parties are aligned in a win-win scenario? You don’t want to spend all that money on recruiting them and then fail them through a poor onboarding process. Plan and be organised to introduce them to your team and train them properly so they feel empowered and see themselves playing an important part in the team.  Ensure that they feel comfortable as a valued team member doing meaningful work that is aligned with company strategy and embedded culture.

Company culture is everything, and you need to look at ways to create better engagement across your company that creates a positive impact. With your new starters, be open and honest about how the company is performing and why you need them. Hiring staff is not easy and if this is something you are struggling with, then call us at KBA, as we can take that pressure away from you and support your company through our recruitment and induction process to make you stand out from your competitors. In today’s staff shortfall, your future employees will check you out and interview you as hard as you interview them, so be prepared.

At KBA, our team is passionate and motivated to help and support your company with recruitment.  We are out-of-the-box thinkers who enjoy being part of your team to support your company in achieving your goals and outcomes. We can help as an outsourced HR company that supports any HR issues or concerns you may have and more importantly, support your company with the professional documentation of Job Ads, Position Descriptions, and Employment Contracts which plays a big part in finding that right person. Our purpose is to take our clients on a journey through all aspects of employee engagement and performance. Through this process, this is how we take businesses from good to great!


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