As business leaders, many of us want to say, “Goodbye 2020 – Hello 2021”. But what does 2021 look like for you, your company, your team and, most importantly, your customers? I think we are all counting down to the end of 2020, wanting a fresh start in the New Year!  When I reflect on 2020, it has undoubtedly been a year of adversity and survival. Companies had to be agile and change, and going into 2021 we have to consider how we are going to get our businesses to thrive again. How are we going to generate the revenue and profits that we lost or missed out on this year?

I recommend you focus on both inputs and output in 2021. Being more efficient and effective will generate more profits. This year staff have been forced to work from home or remotely and now, with some staggered staff starting to returning back, your company needs to reassess your current processes and procedures and how they can be improved.

Below are 5 tips for better business improvements for a more efficient and effective 2021:

  1. You may have some areas working well and some not. Look at ways to implement efficiency across the business, especially your teams.
  2. Brainstorm with your team, what can be done to improve the business.
  3. Ask your customers, what can we do as a company to make their life easy
  4. Ask the question, are you getting the best outcome from your teams, are there any gaps. Do you need people to change?  Encourage new behaviours? What does that look like?  Do they need more training, re-writing positions descriptions, or amending current procedures?
  5. Look at new emerging or current technologies that could assist your company to be more effective. A good example is Microsoft Office 365. Are you using Microsoft suite to its full capacity and getting the best out of Teams, One Drive etc.

Take the time to reflect on 2020 with your team and then workshop ways to optimise the process.  Look for areas of improvement and make sure you take that into consideration while formulating your strategy for 2021.  This is all about future-proofing your company and getting everyone on board.  If you are struggling with time, then conduct an internal survey that could give you some good insight. At KBA we have conducted plenty of ‘Employer and Staff Surveys’ in the past for our clients so they know what they need to do to improve in 2021.

Last month in my blog I wrote about having key objectives to focus on and look for ways to generate better income streams.  You need to go into 2021 with a good strategy in place to secure the future of your business. With the pandemic this year, there has been a lot of confusion with the direction and staff engagement.  Having good business confidence and knowing where you company is headed will keep you going in leaps and bounds.

This is all about leadership, ensuring that your plan for 2021 is rock solid, and that your team is 100% behind your vision for 2021. Employee engagement gets everything moving. Your staff need to be engaged and empowered so your business will excel. Your staff need clarity about what’s happening and you need them to back your plans  for the new year.

It is great feeling to have a business that is working to your expectations. 2020 has been a challenging year. As such, you need to have the right mindset and stay positive to make 2021 a year of reward. In many ways getting your business model right by going back to the core basics is important. As owners of a business, one of the obstacles we are most challenged by is time. Time you need to spend working on your business. You need to set goals, objectives, and spend the time working on your business, to create a game plan for 2021 that  will help you and your company grow!

KBA useful Information to help you:

At KBA we are a team that are very passionate about taking businesses from good to great. If you need help to grow your company or to look at ways to better manage your staff and to be sure your company is following Best Practice with compliance methods, then please contacts us today as we are here to help!

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