A woman has been awarded $2.8million in damages by the Federal Court after being relentlessly ‘bullied and harassed’ by her boss. The employee worked in the business for more than 25 years before quitting due to ongoing mistreatment she received from her new manager.

The court heard the victim had been bullied from the outset, including – questioning her worth as an employee, questioning her pay, micromanaging her tasks, relentlessly emailing her, and denying access to basic benefits that every employee was entitled to.

The Federal Court found the employer had been negligent in providing a safe work environment.

While the settlement associated with this ruling is unique, the basic ingredients of why this happened are consistent and repeated over and again. A great organisation places success indicators on the big three – the customers it serves, the profit it generates, the employees that make it happen.

While Profits, are an outcome, Customer Satisfaction and Employee Engagement are motivated by relationships. Relationships, be it friends, family or business are underpinned by three major factors:

1) TRUST: in our actions, language, behaviours, and motivations,

2) RESPECT: in how we treat one another in every aspect of interaction, and

3) FAIRNESS: in our decisions, our processes, our considerations, and our reflection.

Yes, the $2.8 million fine was based on a series of employment law breaches – however, it was underpinned by a lack of Trust, Respect and Fairness in both actions and decisions. It always pays to be mindful of the type of person you want to be – a simple review of your actions will show who you are. Always take the higher road. It’s never too late to improve.

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Link to Article: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10986227/Worker-wins-2-8M-payout-Hawkesbury-Race-Club-bullying-boss.html


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