Even with some setbacks due to sudden lockdowns, 2021 has kicked in. It is all systems go to get your business to the next level. One KEY factor that makes a successful business is the power of teamwork. Business owners need to accept that this is the new norm, that we cannot wait for things to get better. Instead, we need to keep trading and pushing through. Most importantly, we need our staff on the same page, working cohesively together as a team to achieve the goals and objectives set for the company.  If you have one or two team members who lack commitment, then you may never get to that peak performance that you are striving for.

 The secret is to empower your team so they work cohesively together. You need to lead from the front with good communication and be clear and consistent with expectations. We all know the power of using Zoom or TEAMs; it falls to you, as a leader, to utilise your time management skills to plan company meetings and department team sessions. You need to create a schedule that works for you, as well as provide clear instructions and an agenda for staff to follow no matter if they work from home, in the office, or both.

Many companies now want their staff back in the office as they believe their teams will be more effective under the same roof. While this might be easy for some staff, it can become a real challenge for others. And if not handled correctly, this may not work to your advantage. You need to be mindful about your approach to this situation and put things in place for better understanding. You also need to follow the rules of Government Announcements, Fair Work, and WorkSafe, as there are hefty fines if you do not.

To get your staff back to the office, you want to encourage them to return, not demand. You must demonstrate that you have all COVID safety measures in place, so they feel safe when returning. Your reasons for returning to the office must also makes sense to your staff, as well as benefit the company.

You need to collaborate to make good decisions for what is best for each department. Can you be adaptable with rotating staff in the office? Do they all need to be together in the office at once, or can this work one, two, or three a week? Can you split up or segment your teams in different parts of your office, factory, or warehouse? Think about mapping out a weekly, monthly, or quarterly plan for the time being. Consistency is important, above all else.

You can achieve this by:

  • Empowering your team by putting together a plan for who is in the office and not. Remember, businesses cannot get everyone back yet due to COVID rules regarding space
  • Ensuring team buy-in and individual commitment to do what is best for the business, so staff want to return
  • Try and get everyone in a good operating rhythm, utilising a consistent plan that is easy to follow
  • Should a COVID disruption occur, everyone needs to be adaptable and move quickly to work from home, and then back into the agreed upon office routine
  • Ensuring everyone understands, and is committed to, company strategy
  • Recognising and praising your staff for their efforts

Consider what “best practice” looks like in your business. Then put in place some great initiatives so your business achieves these goals.

Many companies have engaged KBA to conduct an employer and staff satisfaction survey  https://keyba.com.au/employer-staff-satisfaction-surveys/

This survey has helped get staff feedback regarding changes and the return to work.  They have also engaged our HR Experts for advice and support on what else they could do to get their staff back to the workplace and on the same page. We have assisted and supported many clients in difficult situations.

KBA conducted an offsite meeting at the Hyatt Essendon Fields on Monday 8th February. We conducted a Business Improvement Day to reset our goals and objectives for the next 90 days.  We also sourced a time management expert, Sue Glasser from Paper Clip  https://paperclippo.com.au/, to help us get better organised as a team. This was all about staff engagement and team commitment, and it worked!

If you are struggling, then seek professional help to get your business on track for 2021.  KBA also offers free webinars and downloadable information that you will find useful. If you need help, then let us help you re-engage your team.

KBA Useful Information:

 At KBA we are a team that is passionate about taking businesses from good to great. Whether you want to grow your business, better manage your staff, ensure your business is following industry best practices, or ensuring you remain compliant, then please contacts us today as we are here to help!

If you would like help or want to know more about our services, please contact us at Key Business Advisors on 1300 4 ADVICE

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