There is no doubt 2021 is going to be a year that will bring us more challenges. From rotating staff working in the office, to staff working more from home as opposed to returning to work. For some companies there are restructures and resignations coming. And, of course, we all have to deal with decisions made from our different states in response to COVID pop up cases. These pop-up cases will likely continue throughout 2021, which will cause more disruptions and more restrictions for businesses. Job Keeper finishes by the 30th of March and there are still many businesses who are relying on it; so what does your start to 2021 look like, now, before the year really kicks off?

2020 was a challenging and difficult year for everyone. It was especially so for business owners who consistently needed to generate the revenue to keep heads above water, while managing, maintaining, and paying for all the expenses that keeps us in business. None of us want uncertainty as we step into 2021; we all want it to be a successful year to make up for the losses and missed opportunities that happened in 2020. Some businesses did extremely well in 2020 by being agile. They were able to pivot their business and make the necessary changes. However, there are many companies who simply took the band-aid approach being cautious and careful last year who are relying on success in 2021.

There is no question, 2020 made many business owners tougher in their decision-making process. These business owners will likely continue to be resilient and agile in 2021. We all have to face the fact that COVID will still be a challenge in 2021 and  that we will continue to trade through the obstacles that comes our way. Therefore, you need a mechanism so you can maintain your resilience and continue running your business. Below are some ways that might help you stay focused:

  • Team : Team culture is everything. If you have the right staff who are prepared to help, go above and beyond to deliver on your products and services, and exceed customer outcomes, then this will make your business successful.
  • Resources : Look at smarter ways to become more effective and efficient in 2021. Manage your process internally, as this will result in better returns and outcomes for everyone.
  • Achievement: You must consider what success will look like for you and your staff in 2021. Build your business on great achievements and celebrate the milestone moments.  Remember you are a results-driven business.
  • Value : You must value what you have. This includes your health, your team, your customers, suppliers, and friends who keep you focused. Dealing with the mental health side of these unprecedented times is your priority.
  • Example : You need to lead by example and have a good strategy for 2021, encouraging and empowering everyone to be part of it. Workshop, and brainstorm ideas and ways you can improve as a team.
  • Leverage Trust is everything in a business and you need to leverage from every opportunity. You need to trust the ideas from your staff and suppliers as they will be committed, accountable, and have that attention to detail to produce great results for you and your customers. You need to leverage from their ideas to help drive a better customer experience.

We all like overseas TRAVEL because of the adventure and experience, and this is one thing that has now been taken away from us for the time-being. I believe that to survive in this world today as a business, you need to up the customer outcomes and experience to have that competitive edge.  You cannot just have a good business any more, it needs to be great and remarkable!  Think about what you need to achieve this year to have a remarkable business for yourself, your staff, your suppliers and, of course, your loyal customers. This should be a goal you set for 2021. Once you are focused and done away with self-doubt, you can manage resilience better, so whatever comes your way you can deal with it.

I believe that to have a remarkable business in 2021, you need to team up with others.  Find other like-minded businesses that offer the same values as your business. You also need good business partnerships with your suppliers and outsourced contractors who value you and your company. As business owners, we need to be more resourceful and ensure we have access to help when needed. That might be somebody in sales, marketing, leadership, HR, accountancy, business strategy, etc. Ensuring you have great people around you who are as passionate as you, will help you succeed, and you will also help them succeed.

It is important that we don’t assume COVID will be cured in 2021. We need to face the fact that we may face a year as challenging as the last. Seek professional help to ensure your business is more sustainable for the future. Be in control of your own destiny and set that pathway in 2021. KBA offer free webinars and downloadable information that you will find useful. If you need help then let us take your business not only from good to great, but remarkable for 2021 and beyond.

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