Olga Shepherd, HR Advisor, has been awarded Key Business Advisors’ Employee of the Month for December, 2015.


Team members who nominated Olga for the award say they did so because:

  • Since Steph has gone on leave Olga has done a great job with handling the change.
  • For stepping up and taking on a leadership role within the team since Steph has been on leave.
  • Since Steph has been on leave, Olga has really stepped up and helped with complex client issues
  • Olga is willing and ready to offer her support and knowledge to help both her colleagues and KBA Clients with the right advice

According to her colleagues the reasons Olga stood out for the month were: 

  • Olga has done a great job with the recent changes in keeping up with and helping meet the requirements of the HR team
  • She has offered support and guidance multiple times and is a great source of knowledge for all HR related matters
  • Nothing is too much or too hard for Olga. Being away for my operation and getting unexpectedly sick, she jumped in and looked after my clients.
  • Olga has stepped up making sure everything in the HR Team runs to perfection

Colleagues said others could learn the following from Olga:

  • To be confident in yourself and your own abilities
  • Never stop learning – research is the key to success in this role and to never take your eye off the ball!
  • That nothing is too hard and that we all need to help each other to reach our common goal
  • How to be a leader

Congratulations Olga for a fantastic month!

About The Author

Colin Wilson

Director and founder, Colin Wilson drives Key Business Advisors with determination, passion, and motivation.

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