Arrow Health focuses on the company’s goals and objectives allowing Key Business Advisors to take care of the HR side of things, the Arrow-way!


As a leading family-owned addiction treatment provider and an accredited private hospital, Arrow Health provides compassionate and effective help for addicts and their families to achieve long-term, positive change, and transformation. Like any organisation, having the right people on board is the heart of the business. HR is one of the most important parts of Arrow Health. Governed by several awards with different legislations and having a mix of contractors, volunteers, and staff to manage including different shifts, working weekends, and public holidays, can be huge to navigate. The HR challenge is real.

Key Results

  • Minimise payroll liability
  • STAR Workplace rating of 71% benchmarked against other industries around Australia with a goal of 75%
  • Better staff retention over the last 24 months
  • Extensive growth – recruiting 18 new staff as additional beds increased over the last 18 months
  • Assisted with the successful accreditation of National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS)Standards and ISO accreditation



Toby Lawrence, CEO of Arrow Health was referred to Colin Wilson and the team at Key Business Advisors (KBA) to discuss their HR concerns. This chat was the beginning of a new partnership.

Having signed up to an HR Consultancy Package with KBA, HR Consultant, Maja Trpevska, stepped in and became part of the Arrow family. Through her expertise and a thorough understanding of the company goals and what they are trying to achieve, Maja implemented HR best practices and processes within the business. KBA conducted an HR audit and reviewed their HR, payroll, rostering and staff entitlement requirements to mitigate any risks. KBA improved the employee onboarding and off-boarding and have staff commence a Company Induction workshop. In addition, KBA also assisted with the creation and updating of position descriptions and setting up Performance Review processes. With KBA’s support, Arrow Health was able to streamline its HR practices.

To ensure all managers were aligned on how to manage staff better, the company engaged Colin and Maja to train their leaders through KBA’s Management Training Program; The ‘How to Manage and Motivate Staff through a HR Process’. As a result of this, the leadership team is better able to manage and support their staff.

Further, in October 2020 Arrow Health conducted a staff satisfaction survey (STAR Workplace) to gain feedback and a better understanding of how the staff feels and where the business could improve for further growth.



Toby Lawrence, CEO

“My experience has been very unique with Keyba – it’s very personal. They go above and beyond to help their clients.  It’s two organisations coming together to achieve common goals and Colin and Maja have the best interest at their heart. With KBA’s help, I have been able to focus more on growth.

Key Results

KBA was able to help ensure that the business had minimal payroll liability. Getting that cost to zero has been a massive metric to achieve and a huge relief to Toby.

Achieving a STAR score of 71% against the benchmark industry goal of 75% was a pleasing result from the Employer and Staff Satisfaction survey. Getting to know where you’re at and being able to identify the gaps has been one of the best outcomes for Toby.

Their staff retention rate has been good and staff turnover has reduced.  Toby feels this is a combination of efforts provided by KBA and Arrow. With KBA being onboard, Toby believes employees feel more informed with improved communication amongst the team.

Further, Arrow Health has expanded and seen massive growth recruiting 18 new staff. Before KBA, recruiting nurses and support staff experienced with alcohol and other drug (AOD) or lived experience had been a challenge for the business. Being able to recruit effectively and retain those staff has been a good outcome.

KBA was also pleased to help Arrow Health attain several accreditations such as passing the NSQHS Standards.


  • HR Advice & Support through KBA’s HR Consultancy Package
  • Management Training
  • STAR Workplace
  • Business Advice

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