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Why are you nominating this person?  

  • Olga had a challenging month and really stepped up, managing different issues with many clients
  • Olga has done a wonderful job managing her workload
  • Worked extremely hard last month and is always 100% attention to detail with our clients
  • Olga has built great relationships with her clientele and they rely on her

What makes this person stand out for this month?

  • Olga always manages to stay on top of all the requests and issues from clients and has done a fantastic job
  • Her commitment and dedication to her clients and the team
  • A very dedicated and loyal employee
  • Olga is always there for not just her managed clients but also for all KBA clientele supporting her colleagues

What could others learn from your nominee?

  • Keeps going even when things are really tough
  • Providing excellent customer service
  • Hard work and dedication is tiring but very rewarding
  • How to juggle things, work with others and ask for support or help when needed

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