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Written by Colin WilsonDirector, Key Business Advisors

Are your staff engaged in your business or are they bored? Are they motivated to make a difference to your bottom line and ensure customer satisfaction is their number one priority, or have they lost faith in the direction of the company? Hopefully this does not happen but if the direction and motivation in your business is not high there is a high possibility you have staff who are hanging out for the next pay run while waiting for things to change or even searching for the next best job.

Staff turnover is a high cost to businesses, especially when the business needs to continually replace staff, so what goes wrong? It is often due to the following issues:

  • Lack of induction and ongoing training
  • Poor culture and low moral
  • Shortage of recognition and praise
  • Staff confused and unsure regarding the future direction of the business
  • Absence of leadership and planning
  • Staff have no clear career path and are no longer challenged
  • Work life balance does not match up – They are stressed
  • Negative work environment and the focus has been lost

Many businesses face issues which cannot easily be identified. Owners and managers know they are in trouble however they are unable to isolate the key areas of concern to solve the problems. Not every manager is a leader, many managers are unsure how to drive and motivate their staff. Therefore staff members can feel undervalued and become less motivated. If managers fail to set clear goals and KPI’s, staff can start to have the attitude their pay is not worth a high level of effort.

It is important your staff work as one team and follow your strategy to support your sales process and client retention. You need to focus on growing both your sales profits and your staff, one will not happen without the other, so developing skill-sets of staff members is critical.

Every business has different verticals and departments within its structure. As the business grows, department’s form and management positions become available. Often, when departments grow at a fast pace, the business structure falls apart. If not monitored or managed properly, departments start to form their own strategies and processes which do not align with the other departments and overall business strategy.

To avoid this frustration and loss of productivity, great staff with the right attitude and personalities need to shine in every department.  Sales is the blood of every business and you need the right people on the business in every aspect to ensure you keep and grow your existing customers.

Managing staff performance has to become a necessity in your business and it has to be done regularly and using the correct processes. Ensuring you have the right performance management system and workplace improvement strategies in place will help maximise opportunities and return high productivity. It is essential if you want to effectively manage and retain your top performing staff to develop a people strategy plan.

How do you know if your staff are engaged in your business? In most cases it is the business owner or manager that has failed the staff member because of a lack of leadership or engagement with the staff member. We recommend conducting a staff satisfaction survey, this will allow you to precisely identify the real issues and problems to ensure your business is on the right track and built to last.

To find out more about our popular employer and staff satisfaction surveys please call us on 1300 4 ADVICE or email info@keyba.com.au. STAR Workplace is confidential, allowing staff members and managers to respond to a series of questions anonymously. Have the facts presented to you and your staff to grow your business and improve your profits.

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Colin Wilson

Director and founder, Colin Wilson drives Key Business Advisors with determination, passion, and motivation.

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