As we find ourselves in the heart of September, I hope your company is thriving as we approach the end of this first quarter of the financial year. In my previous article, I discussed the importance of ‘Enhancing Performance with a Strong Organisational Culture’ focusing on collaborative teamwork and alignment among your staff.  Running a successful business is based on maintaining a positive mindset while continuously assessing your progress. Your business’s success is essentially tied to a well-documented strategy, shared with your team, which motivates them to go above and beyond. 

However, business leaders must consider the difference between Strategic Intent and Strategic Drift. While having a Strategic Plan with clear goals and objectives is brilliant, it can lead to trouble if you lose focus on executing that strategy. This misalignment could send your business spiralling in the wrong direction. Challenges like missed targets, staffing issues, product shortages or client problems can create a negative mindset, causing reactivity instead of proactivity.

The power of a positive mind cannot be underestimated. Running a business demands 100% determination and resilience.  It’s natural to become frustrated when things don’t go according to plan, but the key is how to maintain positivity, and most importantly, keep your staff motivated in the right direction.  Our recommendation is to conduct case studies within your company to analyse what’s working well and why, as well as what’s not going well and why. Use these case studies as internal training opportunities.  Examine what went well from client orders to deliveries, or system processes from start to finish, and whether everyone followed the correct procedures.

Effective internal case studies can transform mindsets.

At KBA, we collaborate with many companies to help improve their Business Strategy, and Team Culture, establish HR Processes and Systems, and provide training in leadership, management, and sales.  While all of these efforts drive motivation, the real change occurs when individuals take ownership and implement our recommendations.  We consistently encourage our clients to measure outcomes because, as the saying goes, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”.

Here’s an example of how a business can excel:

We conducted a Strategic Planning Workshop for a client 18 months ago, outlining a structured to-do list over time.  One by one they ticked off items from their strategic plan.  Most importantly, we recommended that they select three scenarios to present to the team while they were striving for change. This exercise was designed to shift the mindsets and improve business efficiency and output.

For example:

  • Client 1. – Through teamwork and good processes, we consistently meet our client’s expectations, leaving them extremely happy.
  • Client 2. – Due to the lack of teamwork and processes, we failed to meet this customer’s expectations, resulting in damage control as the customer requested returns due to the missed deadlines, a situation that could have been avoided.
  • Client 3 – Through teamwork and commitment to following our processes, we not only met but exceeded this client’s expectations, creating a strong advocate for our business.

This exercise held individuals and teams accountable for what happened with Client 2.  It prompted discussions on how to improve and reach the standards set by Client 1 or even surpass Client 3. This is where emotional intelligence and increased ownership and accountability come into play, and it ties back to the concepts of Clarity, Competence and Commitment mentioned in my previous article.

What has made this company so great is that this approach is now the standard practice. The Directors maintain a positive mindset, and their leaders understand how to create positive change instead of reacting negatively to staff issues. It’s all about setting clear expectations for your business.

We are all striving to improve and lift the bar on how we run profitable businesses.  Nothing is more rewarding than watching our clients achieve their goals with great results.  As we assist them in transforming and growing their business, they, in turn, contribute to our growth, for which we are immensely grateful.  At Key Business Advisors, we actively engage, question, motivate, and drive outcomes, allowing your company to establish a path forward to not only sustain but thrive in competitive times.

Key Business Advisors has a proven model that spans over 15 years.  We are a dedicated team that delivers results, aligning with our mission, vision, values, and purpose.  Our work is both meaningful and highly motivating.  We believe we’ve established a solid foundation and set the pathway for our company to follow, resulting in excellent outcomes for our team and clients alike. We are grateful for what we’ve accomplished along our journey.


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