One of the key challenges in running a successful business is getting all your staff on the same page and driving better performance. It’s a topic that frequently arises in conversations with both existing and prospective clients who seek change and improvement. Collaborative teamwork, where all staff members are cohesive and focused on achieving their goals, is essential for a company’s success. This unified effort is directly linked to fostering a great culture within your organisation. A few underperforming employees can hold back the entire team from reaching its full potential.

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak at several conferences, addressing over 250 businesses on how to manage staff to achieve better performance. The discussions revolved around the “HOW” – How to align the team, handle diverse personalities and behaviours, and address motivation and performance concerns, even after offering pay increases and adjusting pricing to enhance revenue generation.

During these conferences, business owners and managers shared their challenges, such as employees not performing, absenteeism, difficulty finding quality staff, and a lack of motivation and care, leading to mistakes that affect the overall business performance. It became evident that these issues were negatively impacting the operating rhythm of their companies, causing stress and fatigue among the business owners and their managers. This prompted further discussions, endorsements, and case studies on the importance of building a strong organisational culture to drive a high-performing team.

I presented the 12 Steps to HR Best Practice as a foundation for achieving a great culture:

  1. Mission, Vision, Purpose, and Values
  2. Organisational Chart
  3. Position Descriptions and KPIs
  4. Pre-Employment Due Diligence
  5. Employment Contracts and Agreements
  6. Payroll and Rostering
  7. Legislative and Company Policies
  8. Company Procedures
  9. Performance Reviews
  10. Performance Counselling
  11. Understanding Termination Processes
  12. Implementing an HRIS (HR Information System)

Download our 12-Step HR Best Practice from our websitehttps://keyba.com.au/hr-documents-checklist/ or even jump onto our free up-and-coming webinar ‘How to Manage Staff through Better Performance’ Click here to register.

Wages typically constitute one of the most significant expenses for a company, and it is vital to invest time and effort in establishing proper HR processes, procedures, and compliance in today’s competitive market. Aligning HR practices with the business strategy, goals, and objectives is key to ensuring the team is fully focused on delivering exceptional customer output.

Recruitment emerged as a major concern among business owners. To address this, I emphasised three essential words: Clarity, Competence, and Commitment.

  1. Clarity: Business owners must have clear direction and expectations for the company, its departments, and individual employees. This includes ensuring everyone adheres to systems, processes, policies, and procedures, fostering a well-coordinated and efficient operation.
  2. Competence: Developing and training the team using a proven methodology is crucial. In our business, we call it the “The KBA Way”. Managers need to be equipped to effectively lead and motivate staff consistently. Hiring slowly and addressing competence and attitude issues promptly are vital.
  3. Commitment: Building commitment through effective communication, sharing a vision, strategic plans, training, and team-building activities adopt a united and motivated team. Celebrating milestones and victories further strengthens team spirit.

As we navigate uncertainties in the economy, professionalising operations is essential for not just surviving but dominating competitors. Managing staff effectively and cultivating a strong organisational culture are fundamental steps toward achieving this. At KBA, we are passionate about helping businesses excel, offering services in business strategy, sales training, people and culture, and HR advice and support.

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