For many companies, recruiting staff is becoming more challenging than ever before, and the media is highlighting this daily. Even though it is tough, don’t fall into the trap of recruiting through desperation, as this could be costly for your business. If you employ staff that are not the right fit for your business, you could face even bigger consequences later down the track. There is talent out there, but you may need to change things up and keep trying until you’re able to employ the right people.  

The candidate market knows that there are job opportunities from desperate employers who are prepared to pay more because of the skill shortage.  In this mix, there are quality candidates who are looking for career development and opportunities that are prepared to commit to better working conditions. Unfortunately, there are also candidates who are prepared to jump from one employer to another just for more money and dictate their terms. This may not be good for your business as you need to question the value of loyalty and commitment. Difficult conversations at the start of recruiting may never be enough, especially when the skill sets you need or the behavior traits lack, these are the signs possibly of a bad ending and high termination costs later down the track.

In the last 3 months especially, KBA has seen it all from the recruitment we have done for our clients and ourselves. People are applying for jobs demanding high salaries with a lack of experience and not showing up to interviews because the offered salary is less than what someone else is prepared to offer. We have even seen employees who have agreed to the employment terms and then within a month into the new role, wanting to renegotiate their package, change the hours they want to work and what work they wish to do. This frustrates the employer because they are desperate to keep trading. We have seen companies try and accommodate this but still end up with disgruntled employees.

At KBA, we are advising our clients to hang in there and look at other ways to improve the recruitment process. There are some great recruitment opportunities that are happening today, which are very satisfying.  In this tough market, we know that quality candidates are also interviewing the interviewer better than ever before.  They want to know if you are a great company, do meaningful work, are big on team culture, have a good strategy in place, have a well-organised company, treat your staff well, are flexible, offer development opportunities, and even how you celebrate the wins. We know it has been difficult over the past two years of the pandemic, but you need to look inside your business first and then put the bate on the hook to catch the next best team member to join your company. 

Below are some tips that might help you:

  • Ask yourself, am I a good employer, and why would someone want to work for me? 
  • Does your company have a great culture?  You should showcase this in your job ads!
  • When you place a job ad with no bites, change the job title and provider (Seek, Indeed, Jora, LinkedIn).  Keep fishing for what you need!
  • Always promote what you are looking for on social media and post regularly.
  • Reach out to your networks, and ask your staff to reach out to theirs.
  • Advertise the career and development opportunity, don’t just advertise for the job.
  • Use Talent Search within the recruitment tools to try and attract more candidates.

As an employer, some of you may be losing confidence, but you need to be resilient. Keep your current employees who are going above and beyond for you engaged. Thank them, appreciate them and reward them in other ways whilst you search for that next ideal person to join your company.  You need to earn the reassurance of your team to build your self-confidence up, and it massively helps with dealing with the stress and anxiety of not having enough staff. You need to be resilient, push back on candidates that don’t fit your expectations and be considerate of your team. Use your leaders to help with the interview process because they can help you make good decisions, and the potential candidate will feel that you are a great employer.

As difficult as this may sound, put some time aside, seek advice and help to put plans in place that will help you get through. Be mindful of what you are prepared to pay new employees as you want to reward your current loyal employees first. It is tough enough as it is, but it is never bad for too long.  Business owners are fighting to keep our businesses going, and for most of us, it will take some time to recoup the losses of the past. You need to keep going!

At KBA, our team is working hard to work with our clients to get through the challenges mentioned above.  Our clients know that it will take longer to seek the right candidate, and they know we never give up and keep trying.  Most of all, they know if things don’t go to plan that we are the first person to get involved to address new employee issues, and we will go again until they get the right fit.  Why? Because our purpose is to take our clients on a journey through all aspects of employee engagement and performance.  Through this process, this is how we take their business from good to great!


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