How does one stay positive whilst trying to keep their business operating during the extreme challenges of these lockdowns?

Australia has fallen behind the rest of the world when it comes to supporting our economy and small business owners. We go day to day just hoping that we can keep our heads above water and protect our staff while everything just keeps dragging along. Small business owners are resilient, agile, and tough. We keep pushing and fighting to keep our companies alive, our staff employed, and our customers engaged. To me, that’s what business is all about.

Life is about being positive, living to the fullest, and having fun with our family and friends. But business? Business is about doing something you are passionate about. You start a business, employ the best people, and empower them to be the best versions of themselves. You work hard and watch your business grow.  We are already in September, and Victoria and NSW are still in lockdown. Uncertain of what’s to come, we are trying our best to trade and grow, but the goalposts keep moving. It’s very scary.

As leaders, we need to be adaptable, optimistic, and motivated to push our businesses through to 2022. Every small business owner has faced countless challenges throughout their careers, and whilst we believe it is never bad for long, we get challenged now more than ever.  Running a business today, while we are emotionally drained, tired and fatigued, has brought on new challenges, especially regarding mental health. We know that this affects nobody more than our staff. We rely on them as much as they rely on us, and we know how hard it has been for them to maintain healthy mental wellbeing during these uncertain times.


So how do we as leaders stay positive while working towards reopening our businesses to in-person trade? More importantly, how do we keep pushing through to 2022?

To stay mentally healthy as we continue to lead, you need a plan. You need to visualise your goals and believe that you can achieve them.

Here are 4 tips KBA would like to share with you. We hope they help:

  1. Start working on a business plan that pushes you through to 2022. You need to articulate how you want your business to grow. Making changes and pivoting a business model is nothing new. We have all had to be agile in setting up new revenue streams to survive these challenging times. When you focus on re-energising your business and start working on an updated business plan, you will motivate yourself and encourage your team. By redefining your company’s goals and direction, you will engage with the right people to push you to complete what needs to be done.
  2. Think about the motivation that drives your people and work culture. How are you going to support your staff whilst building, or perhaps rebuilding, your company?  How do you engage with your staff whilst improving company culture? What can your company do better for your workers?  What do these changes look like for your business?  Is it moving into a hybrid business that is formalised?  Is it training, development, and motivation? Ask yourself these questions and find new ways to get your team restarted and reengaged as you work towards a stronger 2022.  
  3. Don’t stop working on staff engagement. From the moment you recruit a new staff member, make sure you follow HR best practices to encourage the best performance from your staff and actively address their concerns. Have one-on-one conversations with them. Get to know them and really listen. Supporting them with something as simple as time off to recharge can encourage better work from them. Transition them onto new exciting projects or communicate your updated business plan and discuss where they see themselves in it. Make sure you do something to make a difference to help them achieve their goals.
  4. Training and development is a big-ticket item that many businesses have neglected. Some may find it difficult to do or maybe just don’t want to invest in it. Yes, we are living in uncertainty. However, when you keep supporting your staff, they will continue to grow. It is hard in these lockdowns to keep staff motivated, but what does your company do to help them stay engaged?  Start by simply conducting an employer, staff and culture survey. Run a training program that is customised to be relevant to your business. When working from home, provide your staff with webinars and online training. Remember, doing something is better than doing nothing, and giving your team a goal to work towards that benefits them will always benefit you.

Keeping a positive mindset and helping your staff stay motivated is hard at the moment. Each day blends into the next as though we live in the movie Groundhog Day. But even in uncertain times, you need to lead your team and reassure them that together you can push through to 2022. There is no doubt that employers are challenged, and it is stressful, but they also need to consider how much harder it is for their staff right now. Employers need to make sure that they eliminate any obstacles that may put their employees and business at risk. Staff gifts and praise is not enough, now is the time to think about how we can really support our staff and put strategies in place that will improve your company.

KBA knows from experience that when you are a good employer, you will attract great people to join your business and help it grow. Good employers put the time in to ensure they keep their company ahead of their competitors, and you can’t do that without a great team. If you are struggling at the moment, then engage that extra support for your company.  Do what you have to do to surround yourself with the best people and support them wholeheartedly. They will help your company grow.

If you need assistance and want to create change that demonstrates the best for your company, then book a time to seek professional help. Get your company to go to the next level by re-engaging yourself and your employees. Learn how to build an amazing business and support your staff.

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