Happy New Year to every organisation, we wish you all the best for an amazing 2019. This is the year to get rid of the noise in your business and set yourself up for 2020 and beyond. Our markets are changing with different industries and competitors popping up, trying new things to stay alive.

In 2018, there was a lot of noise for many companies regarding what to do and where we should go to secure our future? For some businesses, profits were up and down like a yoyo, creating more noise and frustration. So, in 2019 you need think big to set your company up for success. Below are 3 things you need to improve on that will help you grow!

 Business Growth Model

What is your business growth model for 2019? How will you design and implement a plan that will help your organisation make the necessary changes and decisions to ensure you are on the right track for your business? What does your Strategic Business Plan look like for 2019? Where will you source your advice from to ensure you are on the right track for sustainability? Have you ever thought of investing in industry experts outside of your organisation? These experts can provide you with a fresh set of eyes, outlining touch-points in your business that you may have overlooked, making sure your day-to-day operations are in line with your strategy.

What about your leadership team? More importantly, is your leadership team efficient and effective in achieving your business goals with their decision making? What are you doing, and what are they doing to ensure you are all aligned with where you want to grow in 2019? Have you ever thought about taking a couple of days off and conducting an off-site workshop with your leadership team? Workshops allow you to work on your business strategy where you can grow trust, engage in open-communication with one another about what’s right for the business and become more committed as a leadership team. This can aid accountability and results which are your key focus for 2019.

Company Training

Successful Business in 2017

What innovative training or motivational experiences are you going to outsource or implement in 2019? How are you going to grow the sales capabilities and customer service expectations in your company for 2019? What does success look like for you, and what does it look like for your teams throughout your company/companies?

Employee engagement is a big part of success and having the right staff with the right culture who are committed to your Vision, Values and Mission is the key for success. Staff retention and motivation is important and if you don’t create that environment you will be in trouble. If your staff feel like they, and the company they work for, are not growing, they will leave you. Which again creates too much noise for a business to perform at its best.

Think about this: When your staff go home after work and are greeted by their partner with the question “how was your day at work today?”, do they promote or criticise your company? If they have negative comments about your company, you will never get the best out of them. Their partner will most likely encourage them to look for another job and will likely not be satisfied until it happens because of the negative energy. So, for me, it is important train your staff and challenge them to become better at what they do, to help you grow!

Managing People

Managing people is one of the biggest challenges for every business, but the secret is building a great culture. How do you plan on building better people depth in your company in 2019? This must become one of your key priorities in your business. You need to continue to improve your work practices, efficiency, performance and people management. Do not allow HR matters to go from bad to worse, as again, this creates noise in your business. If you have staff who are not performing, then you need to look at reasons why, and address the issues with performance plans and expectations.

Business compliance: You also need to make sure your business is 100% compliant with all HR matters from recruitment to termination. There is nothing worse than an unfair dismissal or adverse action claim in an organisation, not to mention bullying or sexual harassment. Again, you and your leadership team need to be trained to ensure you understand HR best practice and seek outside industry experts to help you with this process, especially taking the noise away from all the emotions that go with it.

This year your business goals and strategies need to be strong and implemented to perfection. All of the above will increase profits and output for your company. For over 10 years, Key Business Advisors (KBA), have worked with many companies across Australia and we understand what it takes for a business to flourish. Our company has grown with current trends and changes in today’s marketplace. We have continued to grow and expand our service offerings to stay ahead of the market and our competition.

For more information on KBA’s services see the links below:

At KBA we are very passionate about taking businesses from good to great. We can help you with Business Strategy, Sales Training and Customer Service to all HR aspects of managing people to help you grow. We are here to help and assist you to achieve your business and personal goals.

If you would like help or want to know more about our services, please contact us at Key Business Advisors on 1300 4 ADVICE

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Colin Wilson

Director and founder, Colin Wilson drives Key Business Advisors with determination, passion, and motivation.

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