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We all acknowledge that customers drive business, however, it’s our employees who satisfy, engage with, and are the face of your business brand. Therefore, we all should be striving for employees who are motivated, loyal to your brand, and come with a performance mindset to achieve not only their goals but the goals of the business.

Having a performance management system in place will help you align and inform your employees of the business goals and objectives. Performance management meetings should not be viewed as a time to start speaking to underperforming staff, it should be used as a platform to motivate and engage your staff to achieve their goals and get their feedback on how they are performing and how the business can best support them to achieve their goals.

Performance Management best practice consists of:

  1. Having consistent and structured performance meeting cycles allows your managers to have regular performance conversations with their employees. Platforms like enableHR allow you to have a structured and consistent approach to your performance meetings.
  2. Set SMART goals with your employees and work with them to keep them informed of what success looks like for them as well as the business. KPI’s are a way of setting goals for your employees and the business, but it is the best way to Keep your People Informed of how they and the business are performing.
  3. Review and re-evaluate the objectives for your employees – you do not want to be penalising or losing good employees due to unforeseen circumstances which will affect their goals.
  4. Reward your employees and teams when they are achieving their goals, celebrating and rewarding is a way to motivate and is a proven employee retention tool.
  5. Supporting employees who aren’t achieving their goals earlier to avoid an unengaged and unmotivated employee, we know the benefits of having engaged and motivated staff working for us. High performers can be up to 4 times more productive than an average worker.

The initial costs to your business of not having a successful performance management becomes significant very quickly with absenteeism increasing and your underperforming employees having a negative impact on your other employees, productivity, and your ability to meet your business goals and objectives and eventually damage to your brand. You may face the costs of having to manage Workcover claims and an increase to your annual premium.

Once the decision has been made to remove an underperforming employee, you may be faced with huge legal costs and risks to ensure that you are following the correct procedure and process as well as then having to spend more money and time on recruitment and induction of a new employee.

Having an engaged and motivated workforce is paramount to the success of your business, and having some form of HR Best Practice that is linked to your strategic plan is key, as it sets the foundation of staff behaviours and expectations. Successful businesses have everyone working towards achieving the strategic plan and great businesses address non-performers very quickly to support them to start the journey of improvement and empowerment to take ownership and achieve their goals.

Key Business Advisors has a proven model that spans over 16 years.  We have a dedicated team that delivers results, which are aligned with our mission, vision, values, and purpose.  We take our clients from good to great because we become embedded in our client’s business through the services we provide, covering all aspects of employee engagement and performance.  We have a proven model that results in building strong client relationships all over Australia.

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