Chris Tankard has re-entered the realm of Human Resources following a significant career and lifestyle shift. Chris’ true passion lies in helping and supporting others, and this role offers the opportunity to collaborate with a remarkable team, fostering mutual growth for the benefit of our clients.

With extensive experience spanning various industries like manufacturing and retail, including a break dedicated to family time, Chris is back on the human-resourcing path, ready to bring about positive change.

Chris’ primary objective is to support clients through the complexities of HR, ensuring they harness the full potential of their employees. Chris derives great satisfaction from assisting others and is eager to lend support to our diverse clientele while absorbing insights from our talented team.

Having transitioned from various industries and work environments, Chris’ adeptness in people management extends across diverse sectors. For Chris, success means being able to confidently say that the highest level of service and assistance has been provided.

Chris is often praised for being happy, considerate, and caring. On a personal level, Chris aspires to be the best Dad and Partner possible. Professionally, the goal is to consistently deliver exceptional service.

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