BSO approached KBA to help them with staff performance reviews and business advice experiencing extensive growth since then.


For over 20 years, BSO, a website development agency has developed, designed, and hosted 100’s of websites for many businesses in diverse industries.

Here are some of our solutions which helped BSO:

Key Results

  • Recruitment – Finding the right candidates to join the BSO team and providing a thorough induction and onboarding for new staff
  • HR Package – Creating documentation and employment contracts, and providing HR advice and support
  • STAR Workplace – Employer and staff satisfaction survey, proudly scoring above 80% and having the right team on board
  • Business Improvement Day – Focusing on updating and creating the Vision, Mission and Values to help with current and future growth for the business
  • How to Manage & Motivate Staff through a HR Process Workshop – The leaders of BSO spent a productive day aligning the team to grow the future of BSO
  • The staff retention rate is well above average. Through the help of Key Business Advisors, BSO has almost doubled in the last few years.



Jason Hulme, Co-Owner and Web Developer at BSO approached Key Business Advisors to help implement a structured performance review process for their staff and business growth.

BSO Digital is a full-stack digital agency based in Melbourne, specialising in digital marketing, web design/development, and branding. Jason and his business partner Janelle engaged Key Business Advisors to provide HR Consulting services and signed up for a HR package.  With the expert guidance of our HR Consultants, Maja Trpevska and Rebecca Hoang, we helped set up a HR strategy for their business.

This involved implementing HR best practices and processes within the business and organising the employee induction and onboarding solution to assist BSO with recruitment.

With KBA’s help, BSO quickly achieved regular and structured performance reviews for their staff.  Managing the candidates and interview process for new staff was handled by KBA, saving a lot of time for BSO.  Creating and issuing contracts to new staff and taking care of the whole onboarding process allowed BSO to focus on what they do best – building and maintaining websites.

In addition, Colin Wilson, Director at KBA facilitated a Business Improvement Day for the whole team at BSO. He delivered a STAR Workplace Program and the How to Manage and Motivate Staff Workshop supported by the HR team. This helped BSO re-focus on their Vision, Mission, and Values and align all staff with their strategy to improve current and future growth of the business.



Jason Hulme, Owner BSO

“Our staff retention rate is well above average. KBA have helped us grow by almost double in the last few years. We never projected that we would grow this quick.”

“KBA helped us hire the right people, saved us lots of time by doing all the pre-screening and shortlisting candidates.”

Key Results

KBA was able to help BSO with continued business growth and business improvement by signing up with Key Business Advisors for a HR package which includes ongoing HR advice and continued support. KBA helped with recruitment, Employer and Staff Satisfaction Survey and Leadership Training Workshops for their staff to help them improve and become better leaders.

  • A massive achievement for BSO is having scored above 80% in their Workplace Survey, being above the benchmark industry goal of 75%.
  • Their staff retention rate is well above average with the help from Maja and Rebecca, HR Consultants at KBA.
  • Furthermore, BSO has expanded significantly and seen massive growth doubling the number of staff in the last few years.

Prior to partnering with KBA, BSO was faced with various business challenges especially when it comes to performance reviews. Their staff were pushing for regular performance reviews, however, they didn’t have the right skills or the time to manage this process and as a result, turned to KBA for our help.

KBA is pleased to continue to help BSO and wish them even more success in the future.

Services with KBA

  • HR Advice & Support through KBA’s HR Consultancy Package
  • Recruitment
  • Management and Leadership Training
  • STAR Workplace
  • Business Improvement

BSO team

Workshop with Key Business Advisors


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