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Survey reveals that small businesses are optimistic about economic recovery post-lockdown (Xero, 2020). With restrictions beginning to ease in Victoria, many business owners are eagerly waiting to rebound and resume work. We have all pivoted our business models to survive through these times. As we crawl back to normalcy, we want to make sure that we stay relevant and informed. Do not let lack of information stop you from getting ahead in your business.

In this webinar, we will be addressing your ‘return to work’ concerns and share some important insights that you could potentially deploy in your business as you resume work.


Colin Wilson, Director Key Business Advisors
Mark Said, Founding Director, MKS Group

1)Latest changes with JobKeeper
2)Get your business back on track
3)Learn how to not rely on government initiatives that may not be available in the future
4)Learn how to manage your finances better coming out of COVID-19
5)Ripping the band-aid off for greater outcomes
6)Ways to engage your staff for greater outcomes
7)Let us help you in dealing with the mental toughness in running a business

Slides – Bouncing back after stage 4 – Webinar – MCVV-MKS-KBA

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