Understand your Management style and learn how to create a high-performing cohesive team! 

DiSC is a leading personal assessment tool used by over 1 million people every year to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication. (DiSC, 2019)

Everything DiSC is a simple tool that offers information to help you understand yourself and others better. It is widely used to gain an understanding of people’s behaviour. An ideal workshop for Managers and team members looking to communicate effectively.  This workshop will help managers to build an effective relationship with the team whilst teach them how to manage their team better.

Unlike other personality profiles, DiSC does more than just providing personality traits; it offers strategies to approach employees in the workplace based on the report. 

Prior to the workshop, the participants are asked a series of questions to create a profile, which will give us an insight into your management priorities and preferences. This initial profiling helps you identify your style of communication and that of others in your team. 

On the day of the workshop, Everything DiSC Certified Facilitator, Colin Wilson will help you make sense of the report and teach you how to connect better with your team whose priorities and preferences may be different from yours.  Your profile will tell a story about how you manage others. 

By openly discussing the reports you will discover things about yourself and learn to resolve issues around communication and teamwork. 

DiSC allows individuals to self-assess and really think about certain aspects of their personality. It encourages self-reflection as well as explore parts of your personality you may have never thought existed.  


The Outcomes of a DiSC for Managers Workshop

  • Learn how to adapt, engage and delegate 
  • identify your communication style
  • Learn to communicate effectively
  • Build a high-performing cohesive team 
  • Increase motivation 
  • Improve Team performance 
  • Identify potential problems when working together 


Your assessment will unveil the answers to the following questions:

  • What priorities shape your management experience? 
  • What do you enjoy about managing? 
  • What drains your energy as a Manager? 
  • How do you approach directing & delegating? 
  • How to be effective with your staff 
  • How to empower and motivate
  • What is your approach to developing others? 

This Workshop includes:

  • research-validated, online personality assessment  
  • A workshop to help you make sense of the report 
  • A certificate of completion 

Your investment

  • $605* (GST inc) per person

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