A Position Description is a document that describes the purpose, duties, responsibilities, required qualifications, and reporting relationships of a particular job. It is an important tool for a company because it can help explain the work responsibilities to the employees and provide a framework for conducting performance reviews. 

Here are 4 reasons why complete and up-to-date Position Descriptions are important:

  1. Recruiting the right candidate: A Position Description gives the candidate a clear understanding of their duties and responsibilities for a particular position and will help them to decide whether they’re a good fit for the role. They also help the recruiter in finding the right skill set and talent for an open role.
  2. Sets clear expectations of the role and responsibility: Having a detailed Position Description helps the employee in having a clear understanding of the role and tasks. This will help the employee to enjoy their job more and have a sense of purpose and direction in their career.
  3. Measures employee’s performance effectively: An accurate Position Description is an excellent tool to measure job performance based on pre-defined job duties. It can be used to identify performance areas where training and career development would be needed when an employee’s expectations or requirements are not being met.
  4. Reducing liabilities and risk: If the performance expectations were outlined right from the beginning of employment, it would be easier to pinpoint and document exactly where the employee’s performance doesn’t meet the expected standards. This information will supplement any other documentation of performance issues, such as performance reviews, one-to-one meeting notes, and other counselling discussion notes. Hence a good Position Description will offer protection after termination and mitigate the risks.


Hence, every business, big or small, must realise and follow the importance of Position Description in order to attract a loyal and talented workforce. The team of professionals at Key Business Advisors specialises in customising the Position Description according to the job requirements so that your company is able to attract and retain the right skill sets who are interested in your business and are keen to make a valuable contribution to the business growth.


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