As an employer, you have the responsibility to follow fair practices before terminating an employee whilst ensuring that the termination was legal to prevent any unfair dismissal claims. This would mean following the process and making sure you have all the necessary documents to minimise the risk of an unfair dismissal claim. If a dismissed employee approaches Fair Work Australia with an unfair dismissal claim, you’re required to provide evidences to prove your stance. So, if you’re worried about a recent termination or just wanting to understand your obligations around terminations and dismissals, join this webinar.

Speakers will take an in-depth look at:

-Understand where businesses have gone wrong in the past;
-What is the difference between unfair and unlawful?
-How to prevent the high costs of unfair dismissals;
-The importance of understanding compliance;
-The benefits to you and your team by following the correct process;

How to avoid unfair dismissal claim- Webinar Slides


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My passion is to HELP grow a company’s capabilities to reach its full potential. How I do that is by supporting many business owners in implementing better Business Strategies, Sales and Customer Services as well as drive Employee Engagement.

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