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By Key Business Advisors
Human Resources

Gender equality has been in the global spotlight for the past few years.  In the media we regularly hear how females and males in the same role, with the same skill set are not being paid as equals.  Why is this happening and how do we fix it? 
Unfortunately, I do not have the answer but a fantastic example of trying to make things right was by Dave Hughes (Comedian, radio and TV host).  When he found out his on-air partner Kate Langbroek (Comedian and radio host) was not being paid as his equal, Hughesy took a pay cut.  Kate was being paid 40% less than Hughesy for doing exactly the same job or equal share and responsibility.  Crazy!

Pay parity is not the only item that defines gender equality.  Some emerging trends you may see in the not too distant future, to help align the genders, may be more support for dads in the workplace and greater job flexibility among others.

Supporting dads is a huge issue in the Australian workforce.  For new (or even 2nd,3rd 4th time etc) dads taking parental leave can be unnerving.   In many organisations there is a real stigma about father’s taking leave to look after their children.  This should not be the case.  Every person deserves to enjoy that newborn smell, bond with their baby and help their partner change some dirty nappies without it affecting their career.

Other trends that are starting to appear are:

Flexibility in the workplace

Flexibility in the workplace is often a request only by females.  Men are often the ones having to work 9am-5pm or later while females are expected to do the early pick up from school at the end of term or work from home when a child is sick.

Support programs for women in Leadership

We need to introduce programs to support women in leadership.  This is an area where we see the biggest pay gap between the genders.

Return to work initiatives

Return to work initiatives for women who have taken a career break.  This may involve working part time, job share arrangements, working from home or flexible hours, buying additional annual leave to assist with looking after children over school holidays, salary sacrifice childcare etc.


The Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) commenced an initiative called Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE) that recognises organisations that have an active commitment to achieving gender equality.

This year WGEA has recognised 26 new organisations for their best practice in promoting gender equality.  These organisations are:

  • AbbVie Pty Ltd
  • AFL
  • Charles Sturt University
  • Cuscal Limited
  • Daimler Truck and Bus Australian Pacific Pty Ltd
  • Diageo Australia
  • Frasers Property Australia
  • Hall and Wilcox
  • Hatch Pty Ltd
  • Hilton Hotels of Australia Pty Ltd
  • IRESS Limited
  • L’Oreal Australia
  • Lyndoch Living
  • Merri Health
  • Metcash Trading Limited
  • MLC Life Insurance
  • Normal Disney and Young
  • QinetiQ
  • TelstraSuper Pty Ltd
  • The Boston Consulting Group
  • Toyota Finance Australia Pty Ltd
  • Victoria University
  • Vodafone Hutchinson Australia Pty Limited
  • WSP Australia Pty Ltd

If you would like to know more about Gender Equality in the Workplace give Key Business Advisors a call on 1300 4 ADVICE and one of our highly skilled HR experts can assist.


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