Business Consultant

Scott has extensive experience with over 25 years of owning, managing, and consulting in the business sector. He has the knowledge and lived experiences to make a positive impact on your business journey. Scott has a deep understanding of the retail and SME space and the opportunities and challenges that provides!

An experienced business owner and executive, Scott was Managing Director and CEO of the Kel Group of companies from 2003. Starting with one store and 6 staff, the Kel Group grew, employing over 70 staff and operating 3 Telstra Stores in Shepparton and Echuca and the Telstra Business Centre Northern Victoria. After reaching a turnover in excess of $25 million in 2015, a strategically planned sale to a large public listed company in May 2016 set Scott on the next part of his business journey.

With his passion for helping people and businesses achieve their goals and objectives, he established SKS Hub in 2016. SKS Hub was a Business Advisory firm targeted at helping businesses find growth and support. They provided the resources needed for success across all the phases of operating a business.

During this time, he became a shareholder and General Manager of the Howdy Group that operated 5 Telstra Stores across the Western regions in Victoria. After completing a detailed strategic review, a strategy and structure change was implemented. The resulting business improvement and growth led to the Group becoming a takeover target. Majority ownership was sold in 2019.

A large part of Scott’s success is his people development and coaching, which he often shares with other businesses. Scott’s focus and passion remain with the small to medium business segments, and operating businesses for optimum success.  His philosophy encompasses developing strategies to achieve goals and objectives, building quality managers, leaders, efficient processes, team environment, open communication and creating a positive customer-centric environment.

Scott knows what is required to build a successful business and more importantly, how to navigate the journey. Business support models have evolved. The importance of outside assistance and guidance from experts is a necessity in the new business world. If you are an existing business owner or about to get involved as a ‘start up’, engaging and collaborating with Scott will assist you to build knowledge and develop a strategy for success. Contact us to discuss how Scott can help unleash the potential of your business.

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